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ponedeljek, april 30, 2012

Neon pink

New skirt and necklace!
I bought those gorgeous stuff few days ago, and I admit, I was too busy those days to put it on blog! But soon you'll get photos od me wearing there new neon pink :)

I love it, it's different then I'm used to, but still... Something new, why not? This is my first "neon" collection, so maybe one day some famous "neon yellow" will came into my closet. But i'll rather start with my gorgeous pink :)

xx, gotta go (my boyfriend just discover my basket talent, and now he want's to play basket with me :D)

sobota, april 28, 2012


Two days ago I had proooom :)))! And here are some photos :)
I was so busy (yeah!) sleeping and doing nothing then just lying in my bed with my boyfriend, we just needed a time to get our energy back :) 

But summer is almost here, I can feel it! It's so warm and sunshine is shining outside, so can't wait to wear my summer heels and skirts!


sreda, april 25, 2012

Happy in gold

My dear...
Today I was wearing basic black skirt and my favorite (new!) necklace, which I'm little obsessed with and new vlack top and t-shirt :) I think combination is classy and sexy in a way, so why not? :) Ofcourse, I add some curls and Deborah lipstick :) !

Tomorrow PROM so excited! :D 

P.s. Wait for my PROM photos!


torek, april 24, 2012

Hello new skirt

Hello, leopard!
Woah. What a day. Today I was doing some shopping! And I bought sooo many stuff :))! New neon pink skirt and necklace and "frida kahlo" t-shirt and new cosmetics (pore credit card!) and ofcourse basic black top for my maxi tshirt :D so yeah can't wait t show it all on blog!

P.s. I got PROM in two days, so be ready for my "prom" dress ;)

xx, love ya!

ponedeljek, april 23, 2012

Blue love

So much love for this trousers!
The truth is, that last 3 years I was wearing only skirts. I just got used to them so much, that I forgot about trousers. When someone said to me "C'mon Katja, try those trousers, they'll look good on you". I just answered "Hmmm, I will rather stick to my skirts" and return to garderobe with 5 new skirts. But since I bought new blue trousers, which you have probably seen a lot of times on my blog, I'm wearing trousers again. But only those one. hah, maybe I need to buy another color to become obsessed with it too :)

Have a nice day everyone! xx

nedelja, april 22, 2012

Red = Passion

Mostly I see women who have "natural,nude"  look lipsticks. Somehow women forgot that the first lipsticks were red and they were red because red symbolize passion and sexuality. It all began in Mesopotamia, (sorry about history, but I'm big fan of it!) women invented first lipsticks! And they use natural materials, flowers, jewels... And that tells us, that women wanted to be more attractive to their men. And today, is the same. I think red lipstick is something that is timeless and women should wear it more! 

Here's my red chanel :) But still label doesn't matter as long as you have your own style! 


sobota, april 21, 2012

Solo para mí

Salaam alejkum!
My outfit from last night, unfortunately not everything happen like I thought it will, but I guess I had at least pleasure to wear my favorite heels and make up :)

xx, More than 7000 views you're amazing!

petek, april 20, 2012

Just came to say hello!

Today I'm just saying hello to you guys and wishing you all a PARTY FRIDAY, I'm going out tonight, my boyfriend is dj-ing in a club Cirkus in my town, so more fashion in next few days! 

P.s. Bought some new clothes and nail polish so expect something new! :*

sreda, april 18, 2012


Hello, pink!
Yesterday I bought my new babys... So here they are :) I'm so excited about new combinations that will come with those heels! They're 15 cm high, so I think I'll grow a little bit in new few days... Can't wait to wear them!!! :)))

Love ya all!

Welcome on facebook too!

ponedeljek, april 16, 2012

Viva la vida on facebook!

For my lovely followers!
Finally Viva la vida is on facebook too!
So today I'm posting you this news and old picture of me and my outfit, which I love today too :)
Vintage shirt and skirt :)



nedelja, april 15, 2012

Something new

Hola! :)
Today I'm posting you pictures from yesterday :) I got new 
t-shirt and necklace whick my boyfriend bought it for me :) I just love it, t-shirt is "maxi" and necklace...my love...is gold :) Nothing to add, I love it!

Hope u all enjoyed the weekend like I did xoxo!

četrtek, april 12, 2012

Spring flower

Spring it is!
Nope, today wasn't the warmest day in this year, but I feel like spring is here. Rain, sun, rain, sun. Yeah, April. Today I was wearing outfit full of colors and it felt great. Full of energy! I add orange flower which is hit this spring/summer because flower power is back! And I was wearing my mother's "homemade" vest which she made few days ago for me :) Not to mention I was totally wet walking home without umbrella and here it is "April weather" it began to rain. But I didn't care a lot I just sang "Ayayayy, let it rain over meee :D"

Enjoy the rain/sunny weather!

sreda, april 11, 2012

Boyfriend's birthday gift!

Hello followers!
Today I woke up 19 years old. Yeah, it's my birthday today! :D
I decided not to post my outfit today, but my boyfriend's gift which I just loveeeeeee! He gave me FRIDA KAHLO book, which you can see a little bit on photos... I just love it, there are all her paintings and interviews and everything! 
And... CHANEL! C'mon. Chanel<3 Who doesn't love chanel?! :D

So yeah, my new babys :) Frida and Chanel :) <3

I just gotta post it on blog! So happy!


torek, april 10, 2012

Dots, dots, dots...

Dots, dots, dots!
Today I decided to wear my blazer which I combine with my basic black skirt and my babys... heels. :) I decided not to wear too much jewerly (which is my passion!) but yeah... A little more elegant and classy today :)

And my glases are black with white dots just like blazer (yes, for me!)


nedelja, april 08, 2012

Casual outfit

Hellooo, hellooo!
Today I visited my friend in Ajdovščina! Because I had to drive about 80km to there and back, I was dressed casual and without high heels :( Yeah, that's not really like me, but still I was trying to stay loyal to my style and I add some LV bag and violet lip stick :) 

Have fun guys, I'll study a lot next few days...but still won't forget to "viva la vida!"

četrtek, april 05, 2012

New sephora!!!

Just got new sephora from Dubai! 

torek, april 03, 2012

Steal your boyfriend a shirt!

Holaaaaa gente!
Few days ago I stole my boyfriend a shirt. Ha, I'm always wearing his shirts when we're together :)! So, I decided "not to only use his shirt as my pijama" but also as my outfit :)
So why not? Shirt is probably bigger size and it looks cool with tight jeans or leggins of it's long enough :)

But still, you can add some glitter nails and lip stick and you'll stil look girly and fashionable :)!

Good luck!

ponedeljek, april 02, 2012

Glitter nails

Glitter, glitter!
Like always, Katja must be all in glitters and gold! :) So today nothing different. Except that I have glitters on my nails! :)
Me & friend Karin! :)

kiss, kiss

nedelja, april 01, 2012

Stylish on Yamaha

I wasn't home alot last few days, so I didn't have time to make some new photos for you guys, so I decided that I'll post you something different. Me on yamaha chopper! Those photos were made one year ago... And now, FIRST APRILLL, again Chopper season, yeah :)!

Kiss, kiss (more fashion in next few days!)
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