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torek, januar 31, 2012

My style!


The way that I was dressed today (still lazy with my fotocamera so I only have my cam photos) is typical me :)!
Jewerly, tshirt style... and make up :)
That's all me :)


ponedeljek, januar 30, 2012


Guten tag!

Today was very very cold outside, so I put on some warm clothes, and it looked pretty good either, so I'm posting u guys my today's outfit ! :)

wish you all a sunny day !

nedelja, januar 29, 2012

Vintage style


Too lazy to take photos with my camera and I did it quickly with my iMac. But next time... Reaaally I promise, you'll get better post of my outfit! :)

But till then... Here's half of me, hah and my outfit :) !

Earings - vintage shop in Ljubljana ! (just love them!)

Love ya all....

sobota, januar 28, 2012

Arabic Jewelry


Today I decided to post some photos of my arabic jewerly that I love and I'm proud owner of :)

From Cyprus

From Amsterdam

From Ljubljana

From Ljubljana

From Italy

Hope you like it!

xx Katja

petek, januar 27, 2012


Hello followers and others!

Here's today's foto which I had taken in early morning while going to school :)

Fur jacket, curls, light lip gloss of Dior and golden earings :)

Just came to say hello!

četrtek, januar 26, 2012


Hi guys, because I got sick, and I'm not going out today, and that means - no today's outfit ... I'm posting you this photo of a gorgeous girl, and even more gorgeous clothes! 

I just love it, it reminds me of summer, heat and sea :) I could call it "spanish-arabian beauty" :)The colours and everything...just perfect !

torek, januar 24, 2012

Today's outfit!

Živjo! (in my language! :D)

Here's today's outfit, I looove this t-shirt, when i saw it in the store i went crazy for it! I just haaad to buy it!

My high gray boots which are so comfortable and stylish and my t-shirt! :)

Katja :*

ponedeljek, januar 23, 2012

New in!

Guten tag! Today in German :)

Today I went to Muller after school and I felt like buying new lip gloss and lip stick. Again. Why can't I pass the cosmetics shop without buying something new?! 

Am I the only girl with that problem? :(

So, here it is... New firm in our country, but old in Europe, Catrice. :)

Greetings & lots of happiness

Katja xX

nedelja, januar 22, 2012


Hello,guys! I love the weather today, it's so sunny, and when it's sunny it's time for... POSITIVE THOUGHTS! :)

Take a look, I won't say a word. Just, that I would like to have ... white leggins and shirt (1.photo), and dress is very interesting (2.photo) :)

Something new, we can say :)

xx Katja

I like the quote, "Change your thoughts and you'll change the world". And it's true! Hell yes!

Good thoughts + positive thinking = happiness!

sobota, januar 21, 2012


Hi, it's so sunny outside, perfect day for running :) I'm zumba trainer,but I like jogging a lot, but I do it only sometimes,... But today it seems like perfect day to do it! :)

I can't go running without looking a little classy... So yeah, I know. Terrible, running with make up and everything, but I can't help myself. That's me :)

My iPod :) MUST HAVE - when I run

Nike all the way ...

Nike :)

I wish you all a sunny day! :)

Katja xx

četrtek, januar 19, 2012

Love it !

Hi, guys! I found some awesome pictures... I would love to have all of those clothes! Just classy and sexy ! :) 

torek, januar 17, 2012

New in !

Hi everyone, I've been doing some shopping today, so yeah :D 

New vintage shoes and pullover and earings ! :)

xx, hope u like it :)

nedelja, januar 15, 2012

What about a fur?

Hi, today I am a little lazy, because I was partying all night long and I had a sleepover too, and I just came home, oh yeah :)

So, I decided to talk about fur a little bit, I love those jackets that are in fashion this year :) But, fake fur ofcourse, I can't stand the real fur, I'm against it.

So, few photos for inspiration and ofcourse of is mine too! (colourful :))!

Me and my baby

Love ya, Katja xx
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