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četrtek, april 12, 2012

Spring flower

Spring it is!
Nope, today wasn't the warmest day in this year, but I feel like spring is here. Rain, sun, rain, sun. Yeah, April. Today I was wearing outfit full of colors and it felt great. Full of energy! I add orange flower which is hit this spring/summer because flower power is back! And I was wearing my mother's "homemade" vest which she made few days ago for me :) Not to mention I was totally wet walking home without umbrella and here it is "April weather" it began to rain. But I didn't care a lot I just sang "Ayayayy, let it rain over meee :D"

Enjoy the rain/sunny weather!

14 komentarjev:

  1. You look very pretty too! (:
    By the way, congratulations ;D

    I'm already following you


  2. Ola, thank you for your comment on my blog, of course, let's follow each others.
    I'm following you now, hope you'll follow back

  3. nice outfit!!!

    Have a nice weekend! =)

    J. Héctor

  4. Incredible taste and sense of style!

  5. Love your vest! :)



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