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četrtek, marec 29, 2012

Frida Kahlo, la Reina


“There have been two great accidents in my life. One was the trolley, and the other was Diego. Diego was by far the worst.”

Hola bloggers!
Que pasa hoy? So, today I decided to post you some photos which I just found! I'm a big fan of Frida Kahlo - mexican painter. She had her own style and she was (for me) more than amazing. Since I watched film about her (Frida Kahlo, 2002) million times and listen to music from that film for billion times... I'm really her biiiig fan! :) She was such a powerful woman, she was so strong through her life, even if she was suffering all her life... She had accident when she was young with trolley bus and she had more operations then you could imagine.She was also hurt by her husband million times, but she still insisted to stay with him, after all...he was the love of her life. And you can feel all that through her paintings :)

Y por eso (and because of that!) : VIVA LA VIDA GENTE!

torek, marec 27, 2012


Friend's earring, just love it :)

wohooo, sunshine again 

Today I decided to take some photos outside again :) too bad if we don't do it, when it's suuuch a wonderful weather outside! Today I was wearing my favorite trousers again, yeah, lately a little obsessed with blue-gold combination, but I'm just lovin it!
I found my black vest with gold buttons! I totally forgot about it, but when I found it, I was so happy and I just got to wear it! 

Friend which took the photos of me, has a gorgeous earring! So, I'm posting you this earring too! She has awesome style, so I'm gonna took some photos of her soon and post it here, because she can be inspiration for lots of people :)

with love, Katja :***

nedelja, marec 25, 2012

Golden Dress

Time! Hello, guys!
Finally, I have time to post my new dress on my blog! Those days were amazing. I had a Zumba class, where I officially become a ZUMBA INSTRUCTOR! Yeah, I'm so happy about it! And even if I studied last days... I spent them with my lovely boyfriend and friends. 

Now, I feel like the whole world is mine :)
Just feels so good, to feel this way! :*


četrtek, marec 22, 2012

Love, liebe, amor

What can I say? ... Never been happier than right now with my soulmate :)

Friend's Nik birthday party ! :)

In Venezia :) 

In Berlin, November 2011

My love posing on sunshine :D <3

ponedeljek, marec 19, 2012

Chica negra

Today I was wearing this! I'm still  so happy to find those gorgeous heels which I simply love! I really like this outfit, it's kinda sexy and classy :) 

I'm so exhausted of my Zumba training, so I'll write more next day, love ya all :*

nedelja, marec 18, 2012

Black lace

Lace. Can't really tell a lot about it,... I just love it. I love lace, specially black lace. On underwear, skirts, t-shirts, shirts... everywhere :)! 

Chic, elegant, sexy and classy :)

sobota, marec 17, 2012

Hello, Middle East!

Waaaw! David Jones, amazing!

petek, marec 16, 2012

My way!

And I'm back! Today I'm posting you my look, I chose leopard print trousers which I love! I combinate it with my new heels :) I call them "my black lovers" because I just adore them some much! You can combine them to all outfits! (I hope my boyfriend  don't mind :P) So, what do you guys think? :) Why not combine heels with casual trousers?! :)

It's friday and I'm going out so, wish you all great night! Kisses!

sreda, marec 14, 2012

Sunshine & gold


Today was an amazing day. Spending all afternoon with my boyfriend just being lazy and enjoying life! Ofcourse, a day can't pass without fashion. And like I wrote in my previous post, I'm being little obsessed with gold :) So here it is, my favorite colour! Gold... and ofcrouse blue. Same colours, different combination! :)

I hope you all enjoyed the sunshine like I did today :)

Wish you all a wonderful evening :) !

And don't forget to... "Viva la vida!" :***

ponedeljek, marec 12, 2012

Arabic gold and spanish blue

Hola a todos!

Here's my today's outfit, I decided to wear gold and blue. Which I call "arabic-spanish" (again, yeah!) combination of colours. If reminds me of hot spanish nights and on the other hand glitter arabic style, which I adore :)
Lately I'm cheating silver with gold! So we'll see how long it's going to last :)
P.s. Bought some new gorgeous heels! 
tQ, Katja

sobota, marec 10, 2012

My boyfriend's gift from Berlin

Was geht ab Leute ;D ?

Today I'm posting you my favorite fall/winter shoes, which my lovely boyfriend bought me when we were in Berlin :)

He's also great DJ! So I'm representing you his mix :) 


Listen to DJ August Braatz! :)

petek, marec 09, 2012

Flower power!

Yeahh, long time no flowers!

Today I decided to wear some flowers. On my skirt! I'm in love with my new black "cowboy" vest, so I had to wear it next to my skirt! I add some pearls and gold earrings :) When is gold ever too much? :) (in arab countries, never :))

bye bye, xx

četrtek, marec 08, 2012

Vintage shoes!

Adore it! They're my addiction :)

sreda, marec 07, 2012

Black & brown !


Here's today outfit, I found inspiration in little glitter world and again elegant style with high heels :) 

I had very natural brown make up with a little eye liner and natural colour for lips :)

What do you think? :) 

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