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četrtek, november 29, 2012

New haircut - ombre hair

New haircut
I looove long hair, but that time, the were really too long and not so healthy anymore. Now they are so soft and quite a bit shorter, but I love it. I add some light brown - and make it "ombre hair style" :)

What do u think?

torek, november 27, 2012

Girl with a flower

My darling waited me in front of my Law school with flower again.
I really have the best boyfriend :)

I was wearing my jeans (tight!) and my new gold necklace... Look really isn't that special, but stil, lip stick and curls make it more special :)

Have a nice day everyone! :) 

nedelja, november 25, 2012

Gold make up

Black this time.
This is my outfit from Friday, I forgot to post it. I was trying my golden eyeshadows and I must say I loved it! 
It's quite shiny and all but still elegant :)

I was wearing my sweater "with wings" that I posted few weeks ago :)


sobota, november 24, 2012

New in - gold again

Wops, I did it again!
I bought new necklace. Which is gold. But I just can't resist the gold jewerly anymore, this is my obsession!
Can't wait to combine it with my clothes! :*

Have a lovely weekend everyone :)

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četrtek, november 22, 2012

Looks this year

I decided to make a collage of my looks. So, which one is your favorite?! :)

Thanks for opinion! More fashion in next days!

sreda, november 21, 2012

Soldier vest

Almost in love with all the vests :) I love it, perfect for more elegant or classy or just simple outfits.

This time I chose gold one. Soldier style :)

Gotta go to the premiere of "Feed me with your words" film :)


torek, november 20, 2012

Aztec with long hair

This look is so simple. T-shirt, jeans, necklace and a little curls.

Not really my style,but sometimes u must be "simple". I add some rings, because I can't go with "necklace only" so it's more fun! :)

Went shopping today, not really successful, bought only GORGEOUS gold necklace. AGAIN. :)


nedelja, november 18, 2012

Aztec t-shirts

I love this "aztec style" so I bought some new maxi style t-shirts that I love to wear :)
I don't care a lot for winter, I love those tops!
More fashion soon... :*

petek, november 16, 2012

Leopard print - in pink !

Hellooo :)
Today I had a wonderful day! Full of laugh on university and lunch with my girls and drinking martini and wine on the top of my city :) 

And now I'm gonna spend a night with my boyfriend... <3

I was wearing this dress for the first time and I love it :)


četrtek, november 15, 2012

Zumba class

Zumba class, again
As u know, I am also Zumba instructor, and I really like this job! I'm doing this for my own joy and also for having fun! I love dancing and ofcourse when you're doing Zumba, you can burn 1000 calories per hour! I have always been skinny girl, so I don't do that for burning calories, but for getting more muscles and energy :)

I really love dancing, Salsa, Merengue, Reggeton and Cumbia <3

sreda, november 14, 2012

Leopard and elegant

Hi there!
This is my today's look :)
New tights with grey leopard print and my elegant skirt and a little bit of perls. :)

I like this combination!

Today I am teaching two Zumba classes, so I gotta take a little nap...


ponedeljek, november 12, 2012

Maxi & arabic & dark put together

My dear followers and bloggers!
Today I decided to try something new. My maxi t-shirt which I just love, with my arabic/blue makeup and earrings. Combine with my new shoes which are black and very high (16cm). I will make a post about them in few days :)

I add also my glitter leggins which are so comfortable and you can combine them with elegant or sporty clothes.

I had an amazing day. I woke up late, had amazing lunch with my boy and his friend from Peru. I was speaking spanish again, yes <3

And now, studying history of law. :)


sobota, november 10, 2012

New shoes - happy!

New shoes.
I went crazy when I saw those crazy american shoes! I am quite crazy when it comes to heels... I love them! And I love that kind of shoes noone has... At least in my country I haven't seen them. Heels are so high - 17 cm! I'm lucky to have a boyfriend which is more than 20 cm higher than me, so I can wear them :)

What do you think? :)

P.s. In next posts... More heels, more tattoos!

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četrtek, november 08, 2012

About love.

About love. 
I never, even in my dream, thought that I will found someone like him. We are all always dreaming and hoping for the best and that never shows. I am really the happiest women in the world to have him. He is truly the person I trust the most, the person who will stand up for me no matter what and who will love me no matter what happens. 

I am more than glad and thankful for having him. I hope that you will all meet your soulmate one day, because I already did :)

You can call me crazy, but I know I am waking up happy every day next to my love. And that's all that counds. Real happiness. 

No words can describe my love for you, August. :)

torek, november 06, 2012

Day T

Day T.
She has no idea, it's day d. Yeah, I know. I love history so, I know the difference. But for me - today is day T, because... I'm getting my tattoo done in 4 hours, so excited! :)

Wait for more! :*

ponedeljek, november 05, 2012

Instagram/iPhone photos

First, I must say I was a big "hater" of tounch phones, specially because I had long nails and it wasn't practic for me. But then, my boyfriend got iPhone, and I spend more and more time on his phone. Taking photos, playing games and other stuff. I began to like iPhone. And when my old Nokia phone broked totally.. It was time for something new. So I bought iPhone :)

I love taking photos with it, and then I play a little with instagram effect and here you have my collage :)

Today Zumba class and studying law... but tomorrow... TATTOO! :) 

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nedelja, november 04, 2012

Black and grey

Simple but cute. I decided to wear my "winter skirt" one day last week, and my "winter heels" :)

Combination is very simple, only two colors, but still elegant.

Gotta go, it's raining outside, weather for cuddling :) <3

petek, november 02, 2012

Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly? Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo again.
Yesterday I was wearing my "angel wings pullover" and it reminded me of Frida Kahlo's quote. "Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?". And she was right. Our mind and dreams are so much more powerful than our body. :)

Now - easy going friday in my bed and probably with my sex and the city girls. I had an exhousting day - working :)

četrtek, november 01, 2012

Pinky combination

Hola, pink!
I love this combination, dark make up, pink necklace and I add my neon pink bra with diamonds - which makes this combination a bit sexy :) I was using my sephora make up palette and for lipgloss my pink bourjois :)

Such a rainy day, but still can't go a day without colors! :)

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