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četrtek, januar 30, 2014

Bahama mama

Another Essie. Now I own *proud* 15 Essie nail polishes. That's a lot. But about 5 I got as a present.

This one my mom bought as a gift for the exam that I passed. I looooooooove it. The colour is amazing, so strong and something between "bordeux" red and dark red. Just love it. And simple with some glitters on it looks perfect.

I got nothing but love for this shade!

P.s. It's really a crazy weather outside, it didn't snow for 2 months and now, we finally have it. 

sreda, januar 29, 2014

Classic skirt with snow

Two days ago I had a chance to go to the AGRFT event, which is Slovenian film, radio and theatre academy. They were showing us final films of AGRFT students. I was impressed! I really did not expect those short movies to be so amazing and with deep personal message. I really enjoyed attending this event.

Like I said, since my boyfriend is future director (director number 4 in their film family, ha) I'm almost on all film events in Slovenia.

I was wearing this outfit, my new skirt with aztec print (again, I know) and my studded blouse. 

Simple but classic. What do u think?


P.s. Can you see it? SNOW! Finally in our little country! I was freezing while making this photos - but I really wanted to show you the whole outfit. :*

ponedeljek, januar 27, 2014


So, another giveaway is here. I really wanna let you know, how much it means to me - that you support me and read my posts. 

So, here is another present for 1 of my reader!

What you have to do, to win this giveaway?

1. Like Viva la Vida on Facebook page.
2. Share this page with your friends. (more times, more chances)
3. Write/paste the link of your favourite post/manicure/outfit here on my blog.

Presents : 2 models own glitter nail polishes, 1 ados nail polish, necklace inspired by Chiara Ferragni and testers from Bottega Verde, I will make post about it soon!

Good luck!

Giveaway ends on 15.2.2014!

Leave your email as a comment and the favourite post!

nedelja, januar 26, 2014

Gold cross day

Quick post!

Today I was sleeping till 12h! Why? I was watching ski jumping world cup that took place in Japan. And the competition was from 1 a.m till 3 a.m. But it was so worth it! Slovenian jumpers were the best. 3 Slovenians, 3 first places!

So proud to be Slovenian right now! Take a look at this here!

P.s. One really casual outfit, wearing my new gold cross t-shirt and jeans. Kinda new bohemian look, everyday thing.

Now - studying. 

Wish u all a great sunday! :*

sobota, januar 25, 2014

My first mac palette

So, this is my first mac product - my father gave it to me and my sister (a little bit different palette) for christmas. 

I tried it and I really like it. 

It has : - powder/blush/bronzer
- 3 eyeshadows (gorgeous!)
- eye pencil
- 2 lipstick

I must say it's the first thing I tried from Mac and I love it. It's very long lasting and I really like the whole palette look which is just great for traveling :) 

I don't wanna know the price, because I know Mac is expensive, especially palettes... So thank you dad, again. <3

P.s. I woke up today early to watch ski jumping from Japan, 2 Slovenian boys won, so happy for them, congrats Peter and Jernej and also congrats to Tina Maze for first place, bravo!

petek, januar 24, 2014

Pink romance

My favourite pink nail polish. (right now :D)
I used only Essence "get stronger" and OPI - mod about you and Catrice glitters as you can see on the photos.

Kinda romantic and girly manicure, simple but I like it.

Wish u all a great weekend, I'm finally done with my asthma issues so I'm off to the gym!



četrtek, januar 23, 2014


I had really hard times those few days. Yesterday I had a really hard exam and my asthma got really crazy and I could not breath normally at all. 

Even if I did not sleep at all a whole night because I was breathing really heavy and I was feeling weak, I went to university breathing like fish on the coast - and hoped for the best.

And today, I had my oral exam - and I did it. I passed this exam even if my mother wanted to drive me to the hospital I said "no, University please". 

I learned that really and I mean it EVERYTHING happens for a reason.  And that we need to believe in ourselves. If we won't... Who will?

& thank you my readers for believing in Viva la vida and me.


torek, januar 21, 2014

Afrodita heaven body butter

This is slovenian brand so I will write in slovenian language, use google translate if you're curious. 

Nekaj najboljšega kar sem kdaj sprobala za telo! Kozmetika Afrodita mi je poslala tole božansko maslo za telo. Ker imam rada bogate vonje in res mastne kreme (za suho kožo) mi je tale res popolna. 

Prihaja iz nove kolekcije njihove kozmetike - 100% Spa. Je zelooo vlažilna krema in se hitro vpija. Koža pa ostane neverjetno mehka in dišeča. Definitivno priporočam! 

Ko jo je mami prvič sprobala je rekla "napiši na blog, da ko se s tem namažeš, bi se najraje pojedel" hehe, krema res diši neverjetno, po vaniliji in jojobi. 

Za vse, ki imate radi vonj vanilije in imate suho kožo ali pa si želite dobre masaže je krema primerna tudi kot olje za masažo. 

Sprobajte, ne bo vam žal. Jaz pa si bom kupila novo, ko mi jo bo zmankalo, zagotovo. 

Lep dan,


ponedeljek, januar 20, 2014

Scarf + coat = Love

Since it's raining all the time now for a week, it's really hard to make a nice outfit photos, but still I had a chance to take a pictures of my "casual" outfit. I chose my new scarf (thanks mom!) and new coat which I really love to wear. It's so comfy and simply it suits to every combination I wear. 

Hope you're all having a cosy rainy day, I'm cooking and preparing pizza today for lunch and then studying again. Maybe gym later, we'll see :)



nedelja, januar 19, 2014

Ice ice baby

So here it is - my choice of a "ice ice baby essence" collection. Not to mention that only this "is what it's left" from shops in Ljubljana. You girls bought everything already! 

Like I was saying here this is one of my favourite lip balm so I was pretty excited to see this ones. 

They smell - amazingggg! I really like this sweet smell of grape and pink one is kinda strawberry like. 

The smell is so much more stronger than ordinary essence lip balm and I got nothing but love for these one <3

Now, off to the morning gym! :)

Wish u all a great day!


petek, januar 17, 2014


You girls wanted to see this beauty! :)

So here it is with L'oreal confetti topper, which is just perfect for this shade. I absolutely love it! It is officially one of my favourite nail polishes! 

Back to books, gotta study a lot these days, more time for blogging later! :*

P.s. Yesterday was so awesome at the gym, so tonight I will repeat the training! :)

Enjoy your weekend!


četrtek, januar 16, 2014

Sunny day with a hat

Last few days I've been home all the time - studying for my exams but still I didn't forgot about blogging. Probably the only thing I can't say "no" to, ha!

So here is my outfit from last week, when it was all sunny in Ljubljana. I really love my hometown in sunshine, this small european city can be so beautiful <3.

Tonight I will go to a fitness with my love and a friend, somewhere I need to release my energy, only studying won't do. 

I really like to go running after a whole day in the house, but this time something different.

And did I told you about my plan? I'm really trying to eat healthier last days and workout more. I don't want to lose any weight, I'm skinny already, only get a bit stronger and healthier. And first plan is workout : Zumba (always), running and fitness. And for those who don't know me in person, I really eat a lot of junk food, so we will see how this gonna turn out :)

I will tell u if I will be good at it :P 

Wish u all an awesome day,

don't forget to watch Ski Jumping today, our champion Peter Prevc <3

p.s. Short interview with me here. :)

sreda, januar 15, 2014

Yves rocher

Skrajni čas je da vam predstavim, naravno rastlinsko kozmetiko Yves Rocher. Kozmetika ima dolgo zgodovino, sega kar 50 let nazaj. Ideja Yves Rochera je bila, da bi rastlinsko lepoto naredil dostopno vsaki ženski. In to mu je uspelo.

Kaj je njihova prednost?

- 100% aktivnih sestavin je pridobljenih iz rastlin
- Prednost dajejo ekološki pridelavi
- Ne uporabljajo surovin, ki so nevarne za okolje

Kaj vse nam Yves Rocher nudi?

Nudi nam izdelke za nego kože, ličila, dišave in darila ob nakupu!

Moja ocena izdelkov Yves Rocher?

Najprej moram pohvaliti njihov odnos do bloggerjev, res velika pohvala! Zdaj pa k izdelkom...

Yves Rocher Cacao tuš gel : Ah, vonj je božanski! Res je močan, kar mi odgovarja. Čokolada in malina mi delujeta skupaj popolno. Tuš gel uporabljam že 2 tedna in še vedno se ne morem naveličati vonja. Zelo lepo se peni in je zelo lahek. Koža pa po tuširanju res booožansko diši. 

Yves Rocher body lotion - Vonj je popolnoma enak kot pri tuš gelu in oboje skupaj je res odlična kombinacija. Losjon je zelo lahek, pusti kožo dihati, se hitro vpija in kožo lepo navlaži, res mi je všeč tudi ta :D

Yves Rocher šminka - Ker eno njihovo šminko že uporabljam, sem to podarila mami. Sama je navdušena nad vonjem šminke, tudi jaz sem bila. Šminka je zelo vlažilna in ne pusti "suhega" občutka na ustnicah. Barve imajo res lepe, ne pretirane. Je za pogledat in probat. Meni zdrži šminka brez popravljanja tudi 4-5 ur.

Yves Rocher senčilo - Ah... Najverjetneje moje najljubše senčilo v zadnjem mesecu. Z drobnimi bleščicami, ki se ravno prav svetijo, tako lepo popestri makeup. In je res kvalietno, obstojno in pigmentirano. Me je zelo prepričalo, najprej sem se bala da bojo bleščice le po vrhu, ko pa sem bom namazala, jih ne bo. Vendar so :D 

Z izdelki sem zadovoljna in včeraj sem spet zavila v njihovo trgovino v btc Kristalni palači.

Splača se iti pogledat, zdaj ko so znižanja. Pa tudi tako, so cene zmerne, priporočam! :)


torek, januar 14, 2014

Insta time!

Rose that my boyfriend brought to me, after whole day filming of and working...

So, here are my latest instagram photos, just some moments from my personal life :)

Wish u all a happy day!

Fun and making some curls at my aunt's hair saloon

 Pizza for my love, yummy!

 Heaven in Rimske toplice (welness center)

My new planner

At my boyfriend's film school

Ice skating, wohooo! Secret date with my love - really nice surprise

 Smoothie and candle - studying ambient

nedelja, januar 12, 2014

Parada ring

Danes vam bom predstavila Parado. Parada je nakit, primeren za vse vrste žensk. Predvsem pa tiste, ki se rade pustijo razvajati razkošnemu nakitu. Na njihovi strani najdete vse vrste nakita, od uhanov do prelepih bogatih ogrlic. Sama sem si izbrala njihov "trojni" prstan, ki je res izjemen, še enkrat hvala da sem si lahko sama izbrala nakit. 

Kosi so popolnoma edinstveni in brezčasni.

Lahko pa jih "lajkate" tudi na facebooku!

Vseeno pa naj slike govorijo zase...

Kot pa vidite, sem prvič oblekla svoj novi plašek in turban, obožujem ju! :)

Lep sončen dan,


petek, januar 10, 2014

Aztec cardigan

My boyfriend went crazy about this look, he loves it. I like it too, it's so simple and interesting how one piece can change the whole outfit. Casual black with my new aztec cardigan. 

Today I will take some "sales" time with my friend Denise and we will have a shopping day, she really has a taste so I'm happy to go shopping with her.

And in the evening I'm finally meeting my love for a dinner and movies, I missed him so much this week, he was filming shorts movies for this Film academy so we were apart :(

How do you like it?

Katja :*

sreda, januar 08, 2014

You're such a budapest

I'm just so happy! I wanted to have this nail polish about 2-3 months. And now I can cross it on my wish list.

THANK YOU MOM! You are really the best :)

She gave it to me yesterday and I was soooo excited, but just did new manicure, so I will have to wait a little before I finally try this baby!

Again, thank you mom. <3 

P.s. My mom're crochet blog is here.

torek, januar 07, 2014

Essence lip balm and Baby lips from Maybelline

Kar nekaj časa sem si želela probati Maybellinov Baby lips in končno smo ga pred nekaj tedni dobili tudi pri nas - v Mullerju. 

In ker sem iskala kakšno dobro primerjavo label od Essence in Maybellina, ker sta si na prvi pogled skoraj enaki - sem pričakovala da jo bom na kakšnem beauty blogu našla, vendar brez uspeha. Zato sem se odločila da jo napišem sama.

Kot vidite sem izbrala dve, ki sta si na prvi pogled res skoraj enaki. Cena je malo višja pri Maybellinu (2,5 eur) v primerjavi z Essence 1,30 eur. 

Labele Essence uporabljam že dolgo časa, preprosto so tako dobre! Dišijo, ustnice pa naredijo izjemno mehke in za to ceno? Vedno imam na razpolago vse odtenke. 

Maybelline baby lips pa sem prvič probala nekaj tednov nazaj in moram priznati, da sem navdušena. Mogoče so malo manj "lepljive"  kot od Essence, vendar prečudovito dišijo.

Nekih blaznih razlik nisem opazila, samo v teksturi od Essence so malo bolj goste in lepljive in meni osebno so od Essenca boljše.

Pa vam?

Lep večer, Katja

ponedeljek, januar 06, 2014

Must have

Another day for posting my outfit. I love this sweater. The colour is so much more stronger in reality. But still, so warm and cosy! 

I added my boyfriend jeans and heels to look a little bit more chic. Can't go a day without some stylish earrings, so here they are. :)

Maybe some giveaway with earrings like those? What do u think? <3

Gotta watch Ski jumping again today - PETER PREVC champ wohoooo! <3

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