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nedelja, november 30, 2014

Good girl, bad girl : Porcelain effect swatch

Lately I'm trying not to buy things I don't need. Hahah, mission impossible!

But this nail polish really surprised me when I saw some swatches on the internet and I really wanted to have it! 

Essence's collection "good girl, bad girl" had nothing special (for me) expect this porcelain effect nail polish <3

I really like it and I had it on my nails for more than 3 days! (which is great for Essence)

What did you got yourself from this collection? :)


P.s. Girls from USA, GERMANY and other EUROPEAN countries or even ASIAN! I would really like to do "christmas swap", makeup products that are not in my country and not in yours... So let me know on my mail if you wanna do it! :) <3 Baš bi voljela jednom napraviti i "balkan swap" možda sa jednom curom iz Hrvatske/Bosne/Srbije/Crne Gore/Makedonije...?


sobota, november 29, 2014

Daniel Wellington watch


Yesterday I receive this amazing watch from Daniel Wellington! I was really happy when they told me they want me to work with them! 

I was choosing a watch... And I decided for classic Sheffield Lady! 

When I was little, I loved watches and I wore my pinky swatch watch for many years... But then I kinda forgot about them. We have watch on our phones and computers... But still, sometimes there is nothing better than traditional old school classic watch.

So here it is, you can get it with 15 % off, with code


The price of this one is : around 160 eur

P.s. Expect the outfit with it soon! :)


petek, november 28, 2014

Kardashian products review

Let's take some more about Kardashian products! I made a review for you, so you can see how those things are!

Lip gloss - Volume Kardashian

I must say I truuuly love those lip glosses! And I'm really not a big fan! But those have little glitters and smell like honey with mint which is amazing! Got those for half prize on feelunique.com!

I prefer the pinky one, nude is really not so much my color.

Kardashian double eye shadow

As you can see it's very pigmented and I really like it. I never tried those kind of eye shadows, creamy in a stick - but this one is good, must say.

Over all, I'm really happy with those products, they really work for me and I think those lip glosses are amazing and really special.

So, if you like a scent of honey - you must have it!

P.s. I had an amazing time these last few days. Totally bloggers time! Spend some time with Ajda (from Ajda's) shopping and Agnes (Agnes Krown) trying some crazy glasses and drinking champagne <3 I really enjoy time with bloggers, so much to learn and so much positive energy <3

četrtek, november 27, 2014

Babor cosmetics review

Kaj je Babor?
Že od leta 1956 v podjetju Babor kozmetika vizionarsko združujejo naravo in znanost v proizvodnji inovativnih, profesionalnih izdelkov za nego kože, ki dosegajo in presegajo najvišje standarde kakovosti in učinkovitosti. Kozmetika BABOR se je uveljavila kot ena najmočnejših blagovnih znamk v svetu profesionalne kozmetike in je zastopana v več kot 60-ih državah po vsem svetu.
Kaj sem testirala?
V test sem dobila ogromno stvari. Med drugim celoten paketek za nego kože, čistilni gel (ki je super!), kremice... Ter tudi dva izdelka od ličil. Lak za nohte mi je noro všeč, res je prelepe barve, kvaliteten, dolgoobstojen - skratka vse kar pričakujem od laka. Senčilo je malo manj pigmentirano kot sem pričakovala, vendar ko ga nekajkrat s čopičem nanesemo na veko, dobimo enak učinek kot če bi bil že prvi nanos tako barvit. Zelo mi je všeč tudi embalaža, eleganta. 
Kremice sem testirala kar dolgo časa, saj je težko opisati občutek za kreme - če jih uporabljaš le kak teden. Všeč mi je ker se hitro vpijejo in hkrati še vedno pustijo vlažilen občutek na obrazu. Moram priznati, da odkar jim kombiniram z Paula's choice čistilnim glom (klik) je moja koža popolna. Malo se masti, nič se ne "svetim", niti enega mozolja, ogrca... Nič. Samo lepa negovana koža. Zelo se mi je dopadel tudi gel/tekočina za umivanje obraza, kožo omehča, razmasti - skratka res super izdelek!
Težko je oceniti izdelke za nego kože, saj na vsakega posameznika delujejo drugače, vendar pa lahko zagovotovim, da gre za vrhunsko kozmetiko. Zelo zanimive so tudi tekočine za poživljanje kože - (vidite jih v majhnih stekleničkah), izdelki so res zanimivi in vredni preizkusa. Mislim pa, da se lahko vsak najde v njihovih vrhunskih izdelkih. Cene so sicer malce dražje, vendar je kakovost zagotovljena. 

torek, november 25, 2014

The famous scarf

Yes - it's "the" scarf. The famous one. 

I wanted it since last winter, because eeeevery fashion blogger had it, but I normally don't like things that everybody has - but with this scarf... I change my rule.

I love it. It's so big and fat and warm and cosy that I would spend a whole winter in it, haha!

I made really classic and simple combination - lately I'm very minimalistic (which is weird for me) but I am.

Wish you all a wonderful day,

and don't forget to use my code if you shop on https://www.danielwellington.com



ponedeljek, november 24, 2014

Limited edition Balea duschgel

I really wanted to make a short post about those new shower gels from DM, Balea. They smell so good! The pink one is actually the same as Fa - romantic moment and I really loved that one!

The white one - is really creamy, it makes your skin so soft, the formula is really similar to Dove products, so that's really amazing - that Balea is improving formulas! :)

So much for today, I had a busy day.

Stay tuned for more outfit posts & collaboration with Daniel Wellington!

Also, if you want to buy a Daniel Wellington watch for cheaper price (-15%) use my code!


Wish you all a peaceful night.


nedelja, november 23, 2014

Makeup addict tag

Which product do you still keep buying more of despite having plenty in your collection?

That's a good one! I'm always buying new nail polish, eye shadow and lipsticks. 

What’s the one product you couldn’t live without?

Lip balm, like I said many times in my beauty posts, I really hate dry lips and I have way too much lip balms everywhere around me. I can't stand not using it every single hour haha!

Favourite makeup brand?

Honestly? Can't decide. I love Essie and Opi nail polish the most, I adore my essence extreme mascara, I'm in love with Sephora and Mac eye shadows and I love my Catrice powder, also blush...

I REALLY can't decide.

How big is your makeup collection?

It's growing every week! Haha! I don't know exactly how many things I got. I have probably around 60 nail polishes (I'm giving them away every month to my cousins, but the number is still not any lower), I have around 10 big palettes, around 40 lip sticks... But I don't wanna talk about small single eye shadows and those stuff. I have too much of these things!

And how do you like to store it?

I have my nail polishes on a place where I can see them all at once! And lipstick in my "lipstick" storage box and other things kinda together.

How many items of makeup have you got in your handbag at the moment?

Not a lot. Only lip balms and lipstick. I don't carry a lot of makeup with me.

How long does your usual makeup routine take and how many products do you use?

I can be ready in 5 minutes if there's a hurry. But normally I like to enjoy doing my makeup, I take the most 15 minutes. Okay, special occasion around 20.

Probably around 10 products. Powder, blush, fixer, lipstick, eye shadows, eyebrow pencil, kajal pencil, mascara and some lip gloss maybe.

Have you ever bought makeup knowing you wouldn’t use it?

No. Why would I? Only for gifts :)

I'm not doing any tags, but now I decided that I will start doing them, because they are so much fun! If you know or you want me to do a tag that you like, let me know!


petek, november 21, 2014

Catrice : Beautifying lip smoother

I looooove those! I think Catrice did an amazing job with those lip smoothers! I bought the darkest one few months ago and also made a post about it rigth here (click!) and now I also got the other two shades! I prefer the pinky one but there two are also quite nice!

The price is almost 4 eur - and I think it's totally worth it, they could be a euro or two more - because they are really great!

If you didn't try them already, you are missing soft and gorgeous lips!

But check the photos for the rest :)

P.s. Tomorrow is a start of Ski Jumping world cup 2015!!! I can't wait to see how our boys will jump this winter, I wish them a looot of medals! <3


Christmas shopping : On tide buy

Let's say few words about Christmas shopping. Sometimes it takes us all nerves and a lot of time - to pick up the best gifts for our loved ones. So, I think it's a great idea to shop online! 

Tidebuy is safe and very known online shop where you can get so many things for really low price!

Tidebuy Cheap Christmas Jewelry - can be perfect gift for girlfriends, wife or daughters!

Check it out here, I also find some of my "top" picks, even if it's really hard to pick just few...

So, let me know if you have any questions or you need help using this store to help you get the perfect christmas presents!

Happy shopping! :)


sreda, november 19, 2014

Outfit : Fall, I love you

I really like those warm fall afternoons! Those are unfortunately over, but the memories are still warm. It was one of those perfect mornings, when I woke up wrapped up in my man's arms and I decided that I really don't wanna miss a wonderful sunny day even if I have so many other things to do at home. 

Sometimes you must say : NO. Because life is too short. (too cliche, but it's true)

So, I'm wearing my fall basics. Black boots and bag, cosy sweater, red scarf and black skirt.

Everybody can wear this, it's really casual and kinda classic, nothing too "shiny or extra".

I'm off to my Zumba class, 

enjoy your evening.

With love & positive thoughts 


torek, november 18, 2014

Nyx roll on shimmer & Catrice eye shadow

Catrice Gold'n Rose and NYX nude

Catrice Gold'n'Rose eye shadow je definitivno eden lepših shimmer senčil, v tej objavi bom izpostavila le dva senčila - ki sem ju nekako izbrala iz množice ter jih poimenovala "top 2".

Catrice senčka je ena izmed tistih, ki je ne morem lepo poslikati. Preprosto ne moreš ujeti lepega leska in svetlečega videza, kot je v resnici. O tem smo tudi govorile z bloggerkami na eventu Essence & Catrice. Je lepo mazljiva, izredno bleščeča in pusti lep shimmer videz, jaz osebno ga imam rajši kot matte - tako da mi je pisan na kožo.

NYX NUDE  roll on - Senčka je z mano prepotovala celo Evropo! Kupila sem jo v Stuttgartu, nikakor se nisem mogla odločiti kaj naj vzamem za preizkusit od znamke "nyx", ki je prej nisem poznala. Potem pa sem preizkusila tole lepotičko in že je romala v košaro. Stane okoli 8 eur in je eden mojih TOP odkritij. 

Pa naj slike govorijo zase, definitivno pa si želim preizkusiti še kakšen odtenek.

So vam všeč? How do you guys like it? :)


ponedeljek, november 17, 2014

Etre belle cosmetics review

Spet novo kozmetično podjetje o katerem nisem vedela popolnoma nič! Na drugih blogih sem nekajkrat videla swatche njihove maskare in šmink in so me pritegnili. (pričakujte tudi objavo o maskari)

Etre belle je nemška kozmetična firma, lahko jo najdemo v več kot 50 državah, tudi v Sloveniji, predvsem v kozmetičnih salonih, že to je znak da je kozmetika profesionalna.

Jaz sem za vas testirala njihovo šminko ter maskaro.

Šminka je v obliki svinčnika, kot je to zadnje čase zelo popularno! Že pri Catrice, sem takoj vzljubila to vrsto šminke, praktično, natančni nanosi - skratka super inovativno! Tudi tu nisem ostala ravnodušna. Šminka je zelooo pigmentirana. Na sliki vidite na roki primeri - samo enega sloja šminke! Mislim da že dolgo nisem doživela takšne močne pigmentacije pri izdelkih. 

Šminka je tudi vlažilna (podobno kot Catrice), vendar se mi malo bolj dopade - nekako se čuti da ostane na ustnicah dlje časa in da je bolj kvalitetna.

Izdelku dam oceno 5/5, všeč mi je vonj šminke, pigmentacija je nora, vlažilna je (deluje hkrati kot balzam) ter odtenek je prelep.

Definitivno, pa vas moram pripraviti že za v naprej, da je tudi maskara super! Ampak več v drugi objavi.

Lep začetek tedna vam želim!


nedelja, november 16, 2014

Instagram mix

Cheat meal after workout :(

Loving this Sephora kiss me balm!

My little one in the middle of makeup desert


Making tortillas with my man

My city and favourite matte Mac


Easy going makeup

Vienna snack before John Legend concert

I realise that I didn't do an Instagram post for a while, so here it is. And I'm already off to do my sunday fitness workout,

wish you all a relaxing sunday!


petek, november 14, 2014

The coat is back

How are you guys doing? :) I'm in the good mood, yesterday I went to the theatre - of course with my man, because he needed some informations for his future film so we mixed work and pleasure!

Here is everyday outfit, really simple - really comfy : all you need is a statement coat which makes the whole look a little more chic!

I decided for my new striped shirt (I know, I said no stripes anymore, but I can't help myself) to make a look a little bit more interesting, black top would be too casual for me, hah.

In the winter I love wearing : gray, black, white and red. So you will probably see a lot of outfits with those colors, warning you!

Have a great weekend! <3


sreda, november 12, 2014

Macaron lip balm - It's skin

I'm so happy that I randomly found those babies on Ebay! First I didn't know the brand so I searched all informations about it, I really don't wanna risk something when it comes to my skin and lips.

Anyway! Those lip balms are smelling so good! The brown one is chocolate and the violet is grape! They are also very soft and just so cute!

I know I sound a little bit too excited about a random lip balm, but this is one of the products I love the most, I think you noticed that already haha...

Wish you all a sweet day! <3

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