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torek, februar 28, 2012

Winter heels

Wiiinter heels!

I'm posting you few photo of my "winter heels" shoes :)
They're so warm and really comfortable :)

ponedeljek, februar 27, 2012


Blue trousers which I looove :) !

nedelja, februar 26, 2012

sobota, februar 25, 2012


Hello, glitter!

Tonight I'm wearing my black glittery sweater which I simply loveee, because even if I'm wearing simple outfit, with this magic sweater it all looks fancy! :)

Take a look :)

P.s. Short hair!

petek, februar 24, 2012


Yeahhhh, new lipstick from KIKO! :) I bought it in Venezia last Saturday :) 

Wish you all a wonderful sunny day!

četrtek, februar 23, 2012


Few inspirational photos... :) 

sreda, februar 22, 2012

Off to concert

My outfit from Saturday, which I were wearing on concert of Halid Bešlić. :) Singer from Bosnia :)
Because I knew that I will be dancing all night long, I dressed up more simple as you see :)

nedelja, februar 19, 2012

sobota, februar 18, 2012



Here's my outfit, didn't have lots of time to make some decent photos, but still I hope you'll like it ! :)

četrtek, februar 16, 2012

Vintage part 2 !

Oh yeah.

Today I feel great :) Sunshine, little bit of shopping and some new clothes (which you'll have a chance to see soon):)

Today I was wearing my vintage flower power sweater which is probably about 30 old :) I love it !

Here you go... :)

sreda, februar 15, 2012


Guten tag!

Few days ago, I discovered these beautiful items on fashionista website, and I must say I WANNA HAVE ALL OF THEM!

I adore the colours, motives and designs :) 
Take a look! :)

torek, februar 14, 2012


Little bit of love and power today ! :)

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