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torek, junij 26, 2012

Missing Portugal and new trip to Germany!

Going to Germany this evening!
Today I'm flying to Germany with my boyfriend, we're going to visit Frankfurt first and then Koln and Dusseldorf :) He's german so, we're going to go to his family, just can't wait to meet them all!

I'm posting you some photos from Portugal,photos are two years old, but memories are stil fresh, I love that country and people! Photos were made in Porto :) 

ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAYS! I will be pretty busy those holidays, traveling all around the Europe, but I'll be making photos and outfit for you, so expect Viva la Vida on whole new level! :)


nedelja, junij 24, 2012

Not just top, shorts too!

Neon pink - Part 2.
Today I decided to post you my neon look which is aaaalmost like previous. Only that I add also my neon shorts, which I just love!

So, why not - let's go totally neon!!!

P.s. Going to Germany in few days, so excited!

torek, junij 19, 2012

Casual with neon pink!

2/4 exams
Only 2 left and I'll have the longest holidays! Wearing simple t-shirt and my neon pinky top which I must wear more often because the color rocks! :)

nedelja, junij 17, 2012

Trip with new car

Today I went on a trip with my family :) It wasn't so long or something, but let's just say it was cute trip with an icecream in the end :) We had a great time :)

I got dressed so quickly but stil, I think combination is not that bad! Without heels... - I was a driver!

sobota, junij 16, 2012

Casual black

Totally casual.
Yesterday I was out with my love and friends but I didn't have much time for "getting ready" and as I mentioned in my previous post that I loooove that "getting prepared" time and I decided for my toally casual look. Jeans, basic t-shirt and some jewerly and here we go! :)

xoxo, need to get study again!


četrtek, junij 14, 2012

New in !





Shopping. Otra vez.
Hola, my favorite followers! Yep, what was I doing this afternoon? Studying? Yeah, one hour. Sleeping? Yeah. But whooole afternoon? SHOPPING! Yep, I just had to. And lucky for me I found these items which I just can't wait to combinate with other clothes! Yeah, so excited / tengo tantas ganas! :)<3



torek, junij 12, 2012

Getting ready...

Today, I'm going to tell you...
I was wondering, how do guys feel when they need to get ready for a date or dinner, or just one event where they need to look good. 
I know how women feel. (me!) We need about one or two hours to get ready, first -shower, hair, make-up and clothes. And at the end shoes and jewerly. We got a lot of work to do! But I'm enjoying preparing to those events, because I take time for make-up and I'm trying to do perfect smokey eye look and just trying to do my best and to look the best. I think that for women this is important time, because we don't take this much time everyday for casual outfit, or going to work or school, so yeah, mostly I put on some great music and I drink a glass of wine maybe, and just can't wait to go out in the world looking amazing :)


nedelja, junij 10, 2012

Let's make it more official

New glasses, finally!
Yesterday I was doing some shopping and I bought some new beautiful stuff :) You'll see it in my next posts! Today I was wearing more official look and I admit, it was strange to have a looong skirt after all this time, wearing only short mini skirts! But I guess I kinda like it!
Thanks for following me and for all your comments!

xoxo, Katja

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četrtek, junij 07, 2012

Colorful combination

Buenas noches mi amor

Yesterday I just needed to take a break of studying all day, and I went to dinner in the old center of Ljubljana in mexican restaurant with my boyfriend :) We had such a great time and we forgot about all exams for a while... But now - math and history, for real!

Gotta go, hope you like combination! xoxo


ponedeljek, junij 04, 2012


Hello my lovely followers!
I'm sorry that I didn't write in a while, but I'm so busy with my exams which are the most important exams in my life - probably. So, here I'm posting you picture of me and my book for history! I love history but I have to learn everything, about 1000 pages, so yeah... I better, go back to work, but I just wanted to say hello to you guys, thanks for following me and for all your lovely comments :) !


xoxo, Katja

sobota, junij 02, 2012

Lovely combinations

What I would love to wear those days...
I think those combinations are just wonderful. Sexy. Colorful. And just classy, like we love it!
These days the weather is rainy and just can't wait for a sun and skirts again! :)

Love, Katja

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