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torek, april 03, 2012

Steal your boyfriend a shirt!

Holaaaaa gente!
Few days ago I stole my boyfriend a shirt. Ha, I'm always wearing his shirts when we're together :)! So, I decided "not to only use his shirt as my pijama" but also as my outfit :)
So why not? Shirt is probably bigger size and it looks cool with tight jeans or leggins of it's long enough :)

But still, you can add some glitter nails and lip stick and you'll stil look girly and fashionable :)!

Good luck!

8 komentarjev:

  1. So true, and you look so beautiful.


  2. Yes lets follow each other, Im already following.


  3. I love your outfit!

  4. Hola, concisas y precisas letras desnudan a golpe de talento la profunda belleza de este bog, si te va la palabra elegida, la poesía, te espero en el mio,será un placer,es,
    gracias, buen día, besos reales..

  5. Thanks for your comment! I started now to invest time in my blog and I'm glad for you like it!! :)And yes, we can follow each other :D By the way, a love your make up :D You are beautiful :)


  6. thanks anabela! :)

    yeah, so much work with school, but we're all doing our best! :)


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