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torek, julij 31, 2012

Glitter, pink and flowers

Jasas! Back from Greece!
I'm back. But only for a night, tomorrow I'm leaving to Croatia! I got a lot of new material for you guys, lots of new combination but you'll have to wait few days more to see them!

Here is one of my latest outfits :)! 

Hope you're all enjoying holidays like I do with my love :)

torek, julij 17, 2012

Pinky in Frankufrt

My Frankfurt.
I was first time in Frankfurt and I must say, that I was impressed! Such a gorgeous city! Big, modern and urban... But on the other hand so old and with the spirit of a real european capital.. :) But I was also surprised how many business men are there! It's a city of business people! All dressed up in shirts and pretty dressed! And I can't forget, a city of Porsche's. 

And Zeil shopping street... oh, welcome home baby!

ponedeljek, julij 16, 2012

New stuff

I bought those beautiful stuff in Sarajevo, only the first two in Ljubljana :) I love that jewerly!

Can't wait to try all that stuff and to combinate it with my clothes :) and ofcourse post it here, for you!

sobota, julij 14, 2012

High heels, high hopes

T-shirt tells it all.

Hippie with glitters

Always in rush
It took about 5 minutes to put those things together, I was meeting my friend at dinner and I was rushing so much, that my style became kinda hippie, hah :) My boyfriend was impressed by my outfit, I wasn't so much, but still, he said "you must post that to your blog!". 

So, here I was glitter girl with hippie hair and t-shirt :)

četrtek, julij 12, 2012

Dress for film festival in Sarajevo

Back again. Film festival - Sarajevo.

And I'm back! Short trip to Sarajevo to Film Festival was just awesome! Full of good films and great people! :) Ofcourse we can't pass delicious bosnian food, ćevapi, burek, kajmak, somun... I just can't get enough of that stuff!

Sarajevo is one of the most prettiest and interesting cities I ever visit!

Dress - my mother's gift
Earrings - bought in Sarajevo

sobota, julij 07, 2012

Shopping in Germany

I'm back!
Hello people! This morning I got back from Germany, and it was greeeeat! I just love the people and architecture and shops and really everything! But I'm traveling tomorrow morning in Sarajevo (Bosnia!) so you're gonna have to wait for few days to hear more from me and check out my new outfits! :)

Hope you're all having a great summer!

I'm posting you my new goods from Germany, yep that was quite a shopping there, just loved it! <3

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