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torek, april 24, 2012

Hello new skirt

Hello, leopard!
Woah. What a day. Today I was doing some shopping! And I bought sooo many stuff :))! New neon pink skirt and necklace and "frida kahlo" t-shirt and new cosmetics (pore credit card!) and ofcourse basic black top for my maxi tshirt :D so yeah can't wait t show it all on blog!

P.s. I got PROM in two days, so be ready for my "prom" dress ;)

xx, love ya!

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    1. Thanks :) welcome! :)))

      I'll visit your blog, don't you worry :)

  2. this is so lovely:)
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  3. You look great!
    Following you now.
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  4. Loved this outfit!! :D:D Really beautiful :)


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