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sreda, avgust 29, 2012


I've been very very busy these last days... I'm working in H&M! I love it, because I'm with people and clothes all day long, but the work is not easy at all... You are quite tired when you come home. Mostly I go directly into my bed. So I didn't have a lot of time for taking photos and writing, but I promise I will do my best! :)

nedelja, avgust 26, 2012

Las flores

Yesterday's outfit
Hi guys, yesterday I went to the Circus club in ljubljana where my baby was DJ and  he just rock it so damn good!

petek, avgust 24, 2012

Fiesta look

Fiesta, loca!
Yesterday my boyfriend was dj in a club in Ljubljana, so we all with friends went there. I decided that I'm gonna wear my jeans and t-shirt which I love (even if it's so tight!). I add some curls and make-up which I was doing almost half an hour.
But yeah, it was all worth it, I had a great time :)

četrtek, avgust 23, 2012


Leather skirt


Basic cotton t-shirt 

Zara trousers 

I've been ill these few days, so I finallly had time to take a pictures of my new clothes! I bought some basic and some extras! :D 
Can't wait to wear these Zara trousers, I saw them on lots of blogs and now I have them too! Maybe some vest and heeeeels and there we go ! :D

sreda, avgust 22, 2012

Mom's work 3

T-shirt/vest - mom's work
Must say my mom has these great ideas last few days and she's creating such a nice bra's/shirts/necklaces and other stuff, here is one of them :)

more in next posts :**

torek, avgust 21, 2012

Maxi t-shirt and shorts

Short and maxi t-shirt
This is my outfit from yesterday! :)
It was so hot, but I insisted on wearing my maxi t-shirt which I love! I decided for curls because i think they're more "summer style" then straight hair :)
I was going for a late lunch with my love in Mexican restaurant in the center of the city and it was amazing :)

xx, Katja

nedelja, avgust 19, 2012

Simple with glitter

Simple. Me? Not without glitters!
When I was going on a trip with my boyfriend, I knew that I'll be driving quite a lot of time, so I needed "simple" outfit. But, I caaan't go without some glitters. At least my glitter vest. And here is it :D

petek, avgust 17, 2012

Wild but chic

Mixing different styles has always been my challenge and Im trying to find ballance between chic-comfortable-oriental style. Here Im wearing my leopard print trousers which are very comfortable and my "cowboy" vest which I love so much. I add some curls and kinda strong make up for day, but it suits next to these things :)
With african necklace I think everything suits great :)

četrtek, avgust 16, 2012

Straight hair

Straight hair, my natural
I think you all have noticed that I have curly hair on lots of pictures, but this is the real state of my hair. I use Remington for curling my hair, and I love it. I need only 20 minutes to curl my all hair :)

But this is how my hair looks like with no other machines, heh :)

sreda, avgust 15, 2012

Chilling on seaside

It's been three days since I came back from Croatia, island Cres. Which I just love, the water is so clean and the city in so cute and antique! Here are my "sunset" pictures, which were made when I was searching for my boyfriend everywhere and then I came to the beach and found him him this "art" :D "I love K" :)

It was amazing evening! :)

torek, avgust 14, 2012

In Frankfurt

Frankfurt outfit number 3!
Because I was traveling a lot and I didn't have time to post you all my looks, I'm posting you this one now! I was wearing this on my first day in frankfurt. I chose more "elegant-chic look", because Frankfurt is a town of business men and women! So I had to look a little like them and a little like turist! I think my combination was perfect for that day!

ponedeljek, avgust 13, 2012

New - from Greece

... Yeah, got it!
I bought this in Greece in a town called Amaliada, I must say I love those palettes, but in Slovenia you can hardly find it, so it was waiting for me in Amaliada... :D I have three palettes from Sephora and I just love them, so let's try this greek eye-shadow!

40 colors, I'm in love!

nedelja, avgust 12, 2012

Koln - High heels high hopes

2 months of traveling
My dearest followers! Finally I'm at home! It was awesome month. Or I can say, two! I was traveling across Germany, Bosnia, Greece and Croatia with my love and now I'm at home. For now :D

I'll post you mixed outfits - from all those countries I visited!

So here is my afternoon, chillin' in the park in Koln :)
Love that oufit! (simple but still stylish!)

xx, Katja

sobota, avgust 04, 2012

Greek look

Hello from Croatia!
I am posting you some photos from Greece, but right now I am sitting on the seaside, playing basketball with my boyfriend. But I decided to post you my "greek look", a little bit of greek-oriental make up and curls like greek girls!

With love, from Croatia

Talk to you guys soon!
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