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sreda, april 11, 2012

Boyfriend's birthday gift!

Hello followers!
Today I woke up 19 years old. Yeah, it's my birthday today! :D
I decided not to post my outfit today, but my boyfriend's gift which I just loveeeeeee! He gave me FRIDA KAHLO book, which you can see a little bit on photos... I just love it, there are all her paintings and interviews and everything! 
And... CHANEL! C'mon. Chanel<3 Who doesn't love chanel?! :D

So yeah, my new babys :) Frida and Chanel :) <3

I just gotta post it on blog! So happy!


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  1. http://donladrillocreator.blogspot.com.es/2012/03/frida-kahlo.html

    1. It can't open the page, but I can see that its something with Frida, what is it? :)

    2. Copia el enlace en la barra de navegación.


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