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četrtek, maj 31, 2012

Maxi black dress

Today I was wearing my maxi dress, which I almost forgot I have! In the morning I found it and decided to wear. I add some brown belt and as you can see I'm pretty obsessed with my new necklace and lipstick from Deborah.

P.s. I got a car yesterday, yeah :) !

torek, maj 29, 2012

Nails - new

Today I took a time and make new manicure, finally! I decided to make it green/blue and with lots of glitters!

iMac photo, hope you like the color like I do!

ponedeljek, maj 28, 2012

Last day of school outfit

Hola gente! Hello my people!
Today I was wearing this gorgeous gold skirt which I love so much and I add my "cowboy vest" and ofcourse my new necklace. Nails are still violet, I didn't have time to make new manicure, but still I think they're okay with this combination too!

Hope you guys like it, because I do, very much!

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nedelja, maj 27, 2012

Going out!

Hell yeah!
Hello everybody, today I'm posting you my friday look for "night out", I was waiting for this night whole week so I took an hour only for make-up! I'm enjoying doing my make-up so much (when I have time for trying some new eye-shadows!)

So, that a mix of casual/oriental look from me! :*

petek, maj 25, 2012

School girl

School girl outfit 
Hello,this time I'm showing you my outfit, which I had in school about a week ago, but I forgot to post it! So sorry! I like this outfit, because is classy but kinda sexy. And the shirt is vintage about 25 years old, so it has a special spirit when I'm wearing it. :)

Have a nice friday, I'm be probably studying all day, but at night... party! Champagne shower! :)

sreda, maj 23, 2012

Outfit for studyng

End of the high school & the most important exams of the year

Hello! This time I'm posting you my "studying outfit", which is very comfortable and "easy going". Why? Because I will be wearing that kind of stuff for a month now... In Slovenia we have this school system which has the most important "matura" exams in the end of high school. And I must study math, slovene, english which are "must" exams to do, and then I choose SPANISH AND HISTORY which are two things I love, right next to fashion and my zumba class. :) I maybe not look like history fan, but the truth is I'm little history geek *__* 

But still, I'll go out and post you my real fashion looks :)



torek, maj 22, 2012

Cosmetics - MY OBSESSION

I admit. I'm obsessed with make-up products. 

I tried some new firms this time, I only have lipstick from Collistar and Deborah, but yeah why not to try something new this time? So I decided to try Revlon lip gloss and Artdeco powder and fixer which is soooo good because your powder stays so long on your skin and looks perfect, love it! :)

Kisses till next time! :*

nedelja, maj 20, 2012

Chic but still comfortable

First, let me say that I'm so happy about the fact that Viva la vida has more than 100 followers on fb!

And here, more than 50! Thank you all for support! Ofcourse, I'll do my best, to become better and better blogger :) 

This is the outfit I was wearing yesterday on a concert of Bosnian singer Lepa Brena. I love Balcan music!
I add some gold and silver necklace, that I post you few days ago! I love it, it's so gorgeous! 

More fashion in next few days! <3

petek, maj 18, 2012

New necklace

Hellooooo :)
Yesterday I was doing some shopping again and ofcourse I bought some new stuff!
I bought this necklace in H&M which is not so great on this picture, but the colors are GOLD AND SILVER, so it*s really great to combine it with all the clothes! It adds you "rich" look and you dont need any other jewerly next to this necklace. And ofcourse... It looks kinda arabic. So, totally my style! :)
 I love it, and soon you will have a chance to see it on one of my outfits :) !
And I bought some other stuff, lingerie, which is more for my boyfriend, haha :)

Have a nice weekend everyone! :)

četrtek, maj 17, 2012

Gold is back!

Me gusta la noche,me gustas tuuu!
Today I bought some new clothes agaaaain, waw can't wait to show you everything! I got so much inspiration for new outfits! Okay, but let's focus on this outfit. I was wearing my "arabic" trousers which are so comfortable and my new black mini top and t-shirt. :) I like that "maxi style" :) I add my vintage earrings! And few peaces of jewerly which is also gold. Obsessed with gold, yep that's me!

Ofcourse, make-up is my other obsession. So I made make-up with sephora eye-shadows, powder by artdeco and mascara by "make up" and lipstick of Maybelline, I just love it :)

That's all for today, more fashion in next few days! :)

More than 11.000. views, THANK YOU!

torek, maj 15, 2012


Hi, neon colors!
"Uwwhhh, neon colors? No way." This was my first reaction. But when I was checking out all my favorite fashion blogs, all I could see were NEON COLORS. And yeah, finally I decided that I need something in those colors too. And I bought a skirt and necklace! And I love it, the colors are full of energy, "disco power" and they're just something different. But I still mean that you can have only one or two neon colors on you, for example only pink skirt or only yellow bag, because those colors are so strong! But I like them now! :)


ponedeljek, maj 14, 2012

Leopard print

Leopard print.

Because is a little cold (I'm more "summer" girl!) I decided that those temperatures won't stop me and I wore mini skirt and heels and I was me again :)

Those few days I was more in my sportive clothes and I wore only shoes without heels, because I was on camp with my school :) But today I just haaaad to put on my favorite prints and things to feel like myself again :)!

P.s. Bought new nail polish from Collistar. Shopaholic, like I said, ha!

nedelja, maj 13, 2012

Back to reality!

Hello my lovely followers!
I was not in town these few days, so that's way I didn't write! But here I am again, full of new ideas and inspirations! 
This month I'll have to study hard, for my last but the most important exams, but I'll try my best to stay on these "5 a week" posts :)

Looooots of hugs and kisses to all of you!


sreda, maj 09, 2012

Dots & Pink & Blue & Gold!

Bueeenos dias!
Sooooory for not writing few days but I was so busy with my exams at school! But now I have few minutes to post new look! So excited about wearing new pink heels, I wore them only 2 times now, but they're so comfortable, even if they don't look comfortable! :D 

But yeah love them!

I was so colorful today, dots, pink shoes and blue trousers, maybe too much? But you know what? I don't care, I like colors and dots and gold necklaces so, this is all me and nobody else :)

Have a nice night!

nedelja, maj 06, 2012

Frida kahlo t-shirt

Hola a todos!
Yesterday I was wearing my new "frida kahlo style" t-shirt and here it is. I love it, and when I first saw it in store it reminded me of Frida, so yeah :)

I have blue nails with glitter and soft orange lipstick which I mentioned in last post. And I want to mention one thing... It's not all about the firms! I hate people who thinks that "if you don't wear lacoste,chanel,versace" or whatever you can't be dressed pretty. HELL NO. And it'S the same with cosmetics. Try lipstick from L'oreal and Chanel. They stay on your lips for the same time. And don't tell me that Dior has the best nail polish, because it cost that much. Price doesn't matter. If you have style you'll wear 5$ tshirt like if It was designed by Alexander McQueen. 

And p.s. Haters gonna hate, and you my people, just put a smile on your face, because they're really not worth it :)!

sobota, maj 05, 2012

New - cosmetics

Make up. Again.
I need new nail polish! I really need it. No, I don't. I have millions of nail polish. But still I don't have that new color!I reeeeeally need that color, It's the same as my new dress. Ok. I'll buy it. And new lipstick. My new orange earrings and necklace. I just need it. I have one orange lipstick but it's not perfect. 
Conversation in my head. Hah, I think every girl is thinking "Do I really need it?". But at the end, most common decision is, YEAH I NEED IT.

So, here I am, with new nail polish and lipstick again. And I love it. :D

Enjoy your sunny weekend! Kiss

petek, maj 04, 2012


Sun, sunshine!

Today I was taking some photo of my summer outfit outside! Finally I had time to do it! I was wearing shooorts (finally!) and white top as you see... And I add my orange lipstick and flower! Summer weather is finally here, so why not?

And I bought new lipstick and nail polish today.... again. I admit, I'm shopaholic!
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