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"Viva la vida" was born on 4.1.2012. 

1. The idea for name came from my dearest artist Frida Kahlo and her last painting. Viva la vida. 

2. I'm really a big fan of style and cosmetics. So that's what my blog is all about. 

3. Positive thoughts, cosmetics and my personal style.

4. Viva la vida is also one of the most popular blogs in Slovenia.

5. Viva la vida did a lot of collaborations, already with more than 200 different companies.

6. Viva la vida is based in Slovenia. (Europe)

7. Blog is written by Katja Grudnik. 


1. Born in Ljubljana, Slovenia in April 1993. 

2. I am a Zumba instructor.

3. Law student. 

4. My blog is making me happy and gives me freedom. 

5. I speak slovenian, croatian-serbian, english, spanish, german (almost!). 

6. I am super big fan of history and geography. 

7. I would love to learn speaking : Arabic, Portuguese, Macedonian...

8. For any questions...


Love & kisses


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Thank you all for your comments, I read them all and I always try to visit your blogs if u have them.

They really mean a lot to me,


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