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ponedeljek, april 23, 2012

Blue love

So much love for this trousers!
The truth is, that last 3 years I was wearing only skirts. I just got used to them so much, that I forgot about trousers. When someone said to me "C'mon Katja, try those trousers, they'll look good on you". I just answered "Hmmm, I will rather stick to my skirts" and return to garderobe with 5 new skirts. But since I bought new blue trousers, which you have probably seen a lot of times on my blog, I'm wearing trousers again. But only those one. hah, maybe I need to buy another color to become obsessed with it too :)

Have a nice day everyone! xx

14 komentarjev:

  1. Love your boots!


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  2. Gorgeous jeans!


  3. Skrbnik spletnega dnevnika je odstranil ta komentar.

  4. Full hude hlače, res ti pašejo! Čevlji so itak wow, majčka pa full luštna! Im already following... :)


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