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sreda, oktober 31, 2012

Sunshine in fall

Yesterday I decided to combine a lot of different things together. Little bit of curls, my fur jacket, scarf, jeans and my red shoes. I like the result!

It was wonderful sunny day! :)

torek, oktober 30, 2012

White and gold

Gold + white = <3
Just quick post! I don't have many time these days, have to study a lot... But promise you first giveaway and lots, lots of new combinations! :)

P.s. Getting my tattoo done in few days, yay! :)

nedelja, oktober 28, 2012

Mom's blog

My mom's blog.
Hello guys, today I decided to represent you my mother's blog. She is a biiiig fan of crocheting and she is doing it since she was 8 years old. I'm so proud of her,she has so many ideas and she is my big inspiration :)

So, I decided (about a month ago) that is time for new blog. Her blog. She has so many friends which are living far away and now, everybody can see what is she creating :)

I'm proud mom, I really am :)


petek, oktober 26, 2012

Black and white

Yesterday I had a really busy day, working on some things for university, and almost all day in school. 
So I was dressed up a little more easy going than usually. 
Today I will probably wear some heels again, If I dont wear them for a day, I miss them, truly! :)

Have a wonderful friday :)
Keep on smiling! :)

sreda, oktober 24, 2012

Maxi t-shirts time!

Hell yes!
Yep, yesterday I robbed a shop of those shirts! Hah, I decided that is time to fill up my closet with new t-shirts! And since I'm working, I feel really great that I can spend my own money for my things :) 
I decided for a little indie-aztec t-shirt and classic t-shirt with letters and interesting black and white t-shirt :)

Hope u'll wait for my combinations with those t-shirts!

Gotta go, ZUMBA is calling! :) 

P.s. Here is a lovely mix from my boyfriend. I love it, latino-house mix!

ponedeljek, oktober 22, 2012

Blue makeup

Yes. I admit. I am in love with my boyfriend, clothes and makeup! And here I'm posting you my "blue" make up look :)

Using: Sephora,maxfactor,artdeco,chanel and loreal products :)


sobota, oktober 20, 2012

Nails - orange gold

Not a lot to say, but I will say I love doing my nail and buying new nail - polishes. I can never go without glitters! Glitters rocks! :)

petek, oktober 19, 2012


Oh, make-up...
I must say I'm quite a "make up freak". I adooore buying new eye-shadows and stuff. I think it's like art. Each day you wake up and decide how you're gonna look today, more natural, classy, sexy smoky eye or just natural brown smoky... 

I adore doing my make up done and here is my yesterday's blue arabic make up :)

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četrtek, oktober 18, 2012

Red all over

Red. Is. Hot.
Today I decided to wear red! Red earrings, heels and top! I felk great in it, red is such a great color, I felt full of energy wearing it :)

I wore my hair a little bit different today, but I liked it :)

And another thing I discover today...

Sometimes you need to be your own hero!

sreda, oktober 17, 2012

Arabic blue and dark make up

Mostly I'm wearing black and some extra neon colors. But this blue... Just got me right there in the store! Gotta have it! It's kinda basic stuff, but still if u add some hot jewerly next to it, you can create a perfect combination. And some "arabic dark" make up suits nicely... 

Oh, yeah... Don't forget to smile wherever you go. Make them wonder why are you happy :) 

torek, oktober 16, 2012

Modern Frida

Modern new Frida.
I love those photos, looks are amazing and the flowers on her head... So Frida Kahlo!
Love all the rings and violet lipstick!

What do u think of it?

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nedelja, oktober 14, 2012

Shopping day

Dodaj napis

Hey guys, sorry for not writting! I was doing some shopping. Actually my mission was to buy some tight jeans. And I did it!
I'm wearing skirt almost all the time, and I decided that is time for jeans! I wanted very skinny tight jeans, that suits my body :)

I bought some other stuff too, which I just couldn't leave there in the store..

More fashion in next few days... STAY AWESOME! :*

sobota, oktober 13, 2012

Leopard print and black

Guten tag!
I was wearing this yesterday and I love it. It's kinda elegant, classy & sexy! I decided for smokey brown make up, and those shoes with leopard print heels and my "bolero" with leopard print. Ofcourse...can't go without gold necklace :)

Lipstick -> maxfactor, the softest lipstick I even tried :) (and I have like 40 lipsticks!)

Kisses, Katja :) enjoy your weekend!

sreda, oktober 10, 2012

Rings, necklace, curls

I was just having lunch with my boyfriend (<3) and his friend from Argentina. I was speaking spanish after a long time (happy face!) and we were eating mexican food which I love and having a really great time :)

This look is something mine, a looot of rings, necklace and curls :) I add some cracking nail polish and here we go!

ponedeljek, oktober 08, 2012


I decided to wear something different! Photos are not the best, because I didn't have a lot of time in the morning but still, I gotta show it to you :)

I like it and I thing it's time for tights that are different then we are used to :)

I spend a lovely day with my friends on law and my love in our bed hihi, gotta go :*


nedelja, oktober 07, 2012

Lace love

Lace = love.
My dear followers, I was working yesterday and visiting my friends so I didn't have a lot of time to write. And I'm preparing some new Zumba coreographys so I'm quite busy. But still fashion is here all the time! :)

I'm posting u my "quick iMac photos". I love lace, lace can be classy, sexy, elegant. And you can wear it new to so many thing... I think lace become "must" last few years, and I love it!

Kisses, Katja !

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četrtek, oktober 04, 2012

Sexy in gold

Gold > Silver
It's been a year, since I'm obsessed with gold! I think it's simply more warm and shiny than silver. 
So I decided to buy this gooorgeous short dress, which is totally gold as u can see!

Can't wait to wear it, yeah! :)

Stay awesome & happy :** 

sreda, oktober 03, 2012

Something spanish with glitters

Hey you, law student
As u know I began to study law. And I decided to start it with style! My style. So, spanish notebook and glitter pen. What else could I wish for?

P.s. Finally got iPhoooone! :)

ponedeljek, oktober 01, 2012

First day of University - Law

Hello! Today I had my first day at university. It was really nothing that special, a lot of talking about our program and stuff. I decided to wear something more elegant, but still something "Katja's style" :) Had to add some jewerly and hot orange-pink lip stick from Maxfactor! :)


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