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nedelja, september 30, 2012

Gift from my love

1 year of love.
One week ago, me and my darling were celebrating our first year together and it was awesome! :) We were taking a break in Slovenian Wellness Spa center... 

And this is what he gave me :) Swarovski earrings "Vintage style" :) I love them, they are so rich and elegant! Gold,crystal and silver :)

petek, september 28, 2012

African necklace

One of my favorites.
Yesterday I was in Portorož (Slovenian "Monaco", ha) on Slovenian film Festival. I was watching slovenian film "Šanghaj" which made quite an impression on me. I loved it, gipsy culture and music :)

Here I'm posting you one of my favorite necklaces, and ofcourse preparing new outfits and posts for u guys! :)

Kisses, Katja

sreda, september 26, 2012

Zumba instructor


Hey guys, I think it's time to represent you zumba fitness. I'm zumba trainer and I would like to tell you about it :) If you're following my blog, and me... It's a thing to know about me!

Zumba Fitness® is the only Latin-inspired dance-fitness program that blends red-hot international music, created by Grammy Award-winning producers, and contagious steps to form a "fitness-party" that is downright addictive.
Since its inception in 2001, the Zumba program has grown to become the world's largest – and most successful – dance-fitness program with more than 12 million people of all shapes, sizes and ages taking weekly Zumba classes in over 110,000 locations across more than 125 countries!


So yeah, I'm a part of it :)

I love it, shake it, feel it, love it! 

torek, september 25, 2012


Hello! :)
Since I work in h&m (ofcourse this is not my real job, i'm studying law! I'm surrounded by so many gorgeous clothes.
And I'm getting millions of ideas for new outfits there!

I bought this t-shirt a few weeks ago, but I forgot to post it. I love those maxi t-shirt you can combine them with so many stuff!
And the green is not my favorite color and why not trying something new, I like it :)

nedelja, september 23, 2012

Wine and lace

So, here I am again! Sorry for not writing, but I was taking a break from everything (except love and fashion!) with my boyfriend.. We were celebrating one year of our love. We had suuuch a great time! I wish it would never end.. :)

So, here are some "wine" photos of me. I love wine, if I didn't mentioned it before. :)

And my outfit for late concert in hotel.


sreda, september 19, 2012

Red and violet

Hello my dear followers...
Because I love different nail polish... I'm posting you my new glitter violet nails! :)
And I add some red lipstick...which I first thought that it won't be so great with my nails... but I think it's quite nice :)

xx, Katja :*

torek, september 18, 2012

Blue "mariposas" shirt!

Mariposa is a spanish word for butterfly :) 
I just love it! It's so typical spanish and I looove spanish language! I decided to buy this shirt because I like the color and mariposas :) And... As you can see I don't wear any shirts and I think it's time for me to add some new stuff to my closet :)

Love, Katja

nedelja, september 16, 2012

Warm warm warm!

So cold!
Suddenly it became so cold! On Monday I was wearing short t-shirt and skirt,..but now?! It's just so cold!
And it feels the best to just stay at home, with my "winter shoes" and a cup of tea, watching a good movie :)

Enjoying my lazy weekend! :*

četrtek, september 13, 2012

The shoes!

The shoes.
Today I decided to write in my own language! :) Finally! 
So if you want to translate it, use the famous Google Translate.
No torej, da začnem! Moram priznati, da nisem navajena pisati v slovenščini, sploh pa v pravilni slovenščini. Vendar se bom potrudila! Outfit sem nosila približno en teden nazaj, ko sva se z dragim odpravila v kino. Kot ponavadi sva se imela super, edina težava pa je bila preobuvanje, hah. Ker sem vozila in sva že tako zamujala, sem si najmanj želela še preobuvanja iz startark v moje nove, visoke čevlje. Ampak je bilo vredno. Čevlji so super udobni in zaradi platforme se petke skoraj ne čuti :)

petek, september 07, 2012

Flowers and gold

Hello! :)
Just came home and before I take time for anything else, I must post this to my blog!
I wore this yesterday at my work and so many people liked it, that I must post it here. To me it's actually nothing special, only few minutes more that I took for make-up! :)

sreda, september 05, 2012

Pinky is here!

Pink. Hell yeah.
I decided to wear my hot shorts - which are totally PINKY!
On the picture they don't seem to be like it, but they are neon pink! I just love them! :) 
I add my "cowboy" vest...and my pink necklace! :)
And why not some curls! :)

P.s. Working again tomorrow, H&M's great but there's so much work to do! :)

One month and Faculty of Law! 

torek, september 04, 2012

Nude lipstick

Hola hijo!
Today I was working, so I was wearing kinda casual leggins with jeans print and I put some nude lipstick one, cause didn't wear one in a while. I used KIKO lipstick and MANHATTAN lipgloss, and here is the result!

nedelja, september 02, 2012

Red love, red shoes


I never told you this.. But I'm big fan of Campbell's shoes! But they can not be bought in Slovenia, so I decided to find something like those shoes, and I did! I found those gorgeous red shoes, which I caaaan't wait to wear! :)))

sobota, september 01, 2012

Curls and fur

Just find those photos which are old (about half year), I forgot to post them, so I'm posting it to you now! I love this fur jacket which I must wear more this fall! :)

I'm ill those days, so more posts, when I get better!


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