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ponedeljek, november 24, 2014

Limited edition Balea duschgel

I really wanted to make a short post about those new shower gels from DM, Balea. They smell so good! The pink one is actually the same as Fa - romantic moment and I really loved that one!

The white one - is really creamy, it makes your skin so soft, the formula is really similar to Dove products, so that's really amazing - that Balea is improving formulas! :)

So much for today, I had a busy day.

Stay tuned for more outfit posts & collaboration with Daniel Wellington!

Also, if you want to buy a Daniel Wellington watch for cheaper price (-15%) use my code!


Wish you all a peaceful night.


2 komentarja:

  1. Never tried them before!

    Check out my new post Here!!!

  2. Sem ju včeraj vonjala in sta super. A ker imam doma celo goro gelov za tuširanje, sem se jima uprlaaa. :D Prosim za čestitke haha. :P
    Drugače pa top itak. Balea ima najboljše gele za tuširanje.



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