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četrtek, januar 16, 2014

Sunny day with a hat

Last few days I've been home all the time - studying for my exams but still I didn't forgot about blogging. Probably the only thing I can't say "no" to, ha!

So here is my outfit from last week, when it was all sunny in Ljubljana. I really love my hometown in sunshine, this small european city can be so beautiful <3.

Tonight I will go to a fitness with my love and a friend, somewhere I need to release my energy, only studying won't do. 

I really like to go running after a whole day in the house, but this time something different.

And did I told you about my plan? I'm really trying to eat healthier last days and workout more. I don't want to lose any weight, I'm skinny already, only get a bit stronger and healthier. And first plan is workout : Zumba (always), running and fitness. And for those who don't know me in person, I really eat a lot of junk food, so we will see how this gonna turn out :)

I will tell u if I will be good at it :P 

Wish u all an awesome day,

don't forget to watch Ski Jumping today, our champion Peter Prevc <3

p.s. Short interview with me here. :)

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  1. Ful srčkano :) A te nič ne zebe, zunej nej bi bla zima? :D

    1. Tole je blo na 14 stopinjah, sredi januarja :D

      In dejansko mi je blo v bundi vroče :)

  2. luštkana. :D tudi jaz sedaj en nosim jaken, samo kakšno usnjeno ali jeans. :))
    krilo je top!

  3. Prebrala in pregledala. Želim veliko znanja in sreče pri izpitih. Intervju je pa kratek in jedernat, samo meni ne kaže š,č,ž-jem in zato je bilo težje brat..

  4. Hello from Spain: beautiful skirt. I like the hat. Keep in touch

  5. lovely outfit


  6. res je preveč toplo pri nas :) Kje je sneg? (sej ne da ga pogrešam, ampak malce spremembe bi bilo super). Luštna majčka:)

  7. Zelo lepo! :)
    xoxo Marcela
    Visit me on my blog: http://naturallymarcela.blogspot.com/

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog, I would love to follow you too! Followed you now on GFC, waiting for your follow back now!

  9. you look so pretty!!
    i love the sweater :)

    im a new follower on GFC!
    I hope you can visit my blog soon :3

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