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sobota, januar 25, 2014

My first mac palette

So, this is my first mac product - my father gave it to me and my sister (a little bit different palette) for christmas. 

I tried it and I really like it. 

It has : - powder/blush/bronzer
- 3 eyeshadows (gorgeous!)
- eye pencil
- 2 lipstick

I must say it's the first thing I tried from Mac and I love it. It's very long lasting and I really like the whole palette look which is just great for traveling :) 

I don't wanna know the price, because I know Mac is expensive, especially palettes... So thank you dad, again. <3

P.s. I woke up today early to watch ski jumping from Japan, 2 Slovenian boys won, so happy for them, congrats Peter and Jernej and also congrats to Tina Maze for first place, bravo!

10 komentarjev:

  1. videti je dobro. :) zaenkrat še nimam nič od mac, a me fuul mika, da bi nekaj kupila. :D


  2. I absolutely like this palette! :) and nice blog btw. :)

  3. Really want a Mac palette! This one's beautiful!

  4. Super paleta, oče ima dober smisel za izbiranje daril :) kdaj pa lahko pričakujemo kakšne swatche, prikaz teh senčil na tebi? :)

    1. Ja, za moškega res neverjeten :D

      Kmalu! :)

      Imam še toliko stvari za objavit, da upam da bo uspelo vse v kratkem :)

  5. Beautiful pic!:)
    Love this palett!!
    Love your blog<3!!!
    Xxx Melle


  6. Zadnja senčka mi je najbolj všeč <3 Komaj čakam swatche! :)


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