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sobota, maj 05, 2012

New - cosmetics

Make up. Again.
I need new nail polish! I really need it. No, I don't. I have millions of nail polish. But still I don't have that new color!I reeeeeally need that color, It's the same as my new dress. Ok. I'll buy it. And new lipstick. My new orange earrings and necklace. I just need it. I have one orange lipstick but it's not perfect. 
Conversation in my head. Hah, I think every girl is thinking "Do I really need it?". But at the end, most common decision is, YEAH I NEED IT.

So, here I am, with new nail polish and lipstick again. And I love it. :D

Enjoy your sunny weekend! Kiss

5 komentarjev:

  1. hahahaha todas pasamos por eso!! me encantaron los colores!

    1. hahah :D si, es verdad :D

      graaacias, son muuuuy bonitos! :))

  2. wow, you buy the cheapest cosmetics and make a post about it, how cool are you.

    1. Isabel_D'agostino6. maj 2012 ob 10:52

      Its not about the price,its about the satisfaction of buying new stuff...plus ... Anonimous haters are pussies...

    2. I like the colors, Chanel or Dior doesn't have these colors. What a shame for people like you, if you have expensive cosmetics and you don't know how to use it, it's worse :)

      And check my post about Chanel lipsticks :)

      And by the way... It's my blog, my life, so I'll write what I what :)

      Have a nice day, and don't buy cheep cosmetics because u'll probably die because it's not Chanel :*


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