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četrtek, maj 17, 2012

Gold is back!

Me gusta la noche,me gustas tuuu!
Today I bought some new clothes agaaaain, waw can't wait to show you everything! I got so much inspiration for new outfits! Okay, but let's focus on this outfit. I was wearing my "arabic" trousers which are so comfortable and my new black mini top and t-shirt. :) I like that "maxi style" :) I add my vintage earrings! And few peaces of jewerly which is also gold. Obsessed with gold, yep that's me!

Ofcourse, make-up is my other obsession. So I made make-up with sephora eye-shadows, powder by artdeco and mascara by "make up" and lipstick of Maybelline, I just love it :)

That's all for today, more fashion in next few days! :)

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  1. Wow, you look so beautiful. Love your top.


  2. Looking forward to your new purchases

  3. amazing outfit.love ur style
    btw lets fllw each other if u like

    1. Thanks Jessille. I will check your blog, but yeah I*m totally for it!



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