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nedelja, maj 06, 2012

Frida kahlo t-shirt

Hola a todos!
Yesterday I was wearing my new "frida kahlo style" t-shirt and here it is. I love it, and when I first saw it in store it reminded me of Frida, so yeah :)

I have blue nails with glitter and soft orange lipstick which I mentioned in last post. And I want to mention one thing... It's not all about the firms! I hate people who thinks that "if you don't wear lacoste,chanel,versace" or whatever you can't be dressed pretty. HELL NO. And it'S the same with cosmetics. Try lipstick from L'oreal and Chanel. They stay on your lips for the same time. And don't tell me that Dior has the best nail polish, because it cost that much. Price doesn't matter. If you have style you'll wear 5$ tshirt like if It was designed by Alexander McQueen. 

And p.s. Haters gonna hate, and you my people, just put a smile on your face, because they're really not worth it :)!

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  1. totalno se slazem sa tobom :) ako posjedujemo nesto markirano ne znaci da smo osvojili svijet nego je fazon u ukusu i u tome kako slozimo neku krpicu koju smo platili recimo 5 eura!A sto se tice lakica za nokte potpuna mi je ludost dati recimo 30 eura za ''THE Lak'' koji nije ni malo bolji od nekog koji kosta 3-4 eura,jer i onako dok se istusiras operes ruke nekoliko puta nesto uradis svaki ce da se osteti!
    ova tvoja bluzica je super totalno Mexico style ,svidja mi se

    1. Jel te mogu voljeti? :D

      Hahah, da, tako je! I mislim da su ljudi danas previše takvi da gledaju samo na firmice, a kad jih pogledaš izgledaju mnogo loše :/ Al dobro je, ja neću brinit za takve ljude, samo nek oni žive svoj život ako misle da če jim firma donest stil i sreću - samo sa srečom :D


  2. Hi!!1 I have seen your comment on my blog! thanks so much!!!
    of course you have a follower more!!
    Great post and great shirt!!
    Kiss :)

  3. I love your t-shirt, it's soooo Frida.. Gorgeous!
    And about "if you don't wear lacoste,chanel,versace"...
    Well, you're completely right. I hate this people that think like this: " If you want have a great style, u need have a chanel bag, dior nail polish or one Louis Vuitton shoe.." :x pretty shit

    This type of people need wake up for the real life..

    mm. Amazing Blog :)) kisses

  4. Thanks!

    Another smart girl! :) So nice to hear that :)

    True that & thank you Gabriela !

  5. Hey, I love your look!
    I start my blog so if you could throw a look that would be great thank you very much and maybe me follow, your photos are very beautiful!


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