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nedelja, oktober 28, 2012

Mom's blog

My mom's blog.
Hello guys, today I decided to represent you my mother's blog. She is a biiiig fan of crocheting and she is doing it since she was 8 years old. I'm so proud of her,she has so many ideas and she is my big inspiration :)

So, I decided (about a month ago) that is time for new blog. Her blog. She has so many friends which are living far away and now, everybody can see what is she creating :)

I'm proud mom, I really am :)


4 komentarji:

  1. that is sooo coool <3 love the pic of you and your mom

    Alexa <3

  2. I'll take a look at your site and let u know :)

  3. this is too cute!!

    xx. Hybrid Hunter

    follow each other?


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