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torek, avgust 14, 2012

In Frankfurt

Frankfurt outfit number 3!
Because I was traveling a lot and I didn't have time to post you all my looks, I'm posting you this one now! I was wearing this on my first day in frankfurt. I chose more "elegant-chic look", because Frankfurt is a town of business men and women! So I had to look a little like them and a little like turist! I think my combination was perfect for that day!

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  1. fajne połączenia, ja na twoim miejscu postawiłabym na akcent np. pomalowała mocniej usta pozdrawiam :)

  2. The necklace and sunglasses are a beautiful pieces!

    Pretty look.


  3. wow :)
    amazing :)
    love your style :)

    I follow your blog now :)
    thanks for nice comment on my blog :)


  4. que guapa¡¡ el look es precioso¡¡ muy elegante¡¡ mil besoss


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