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nedelja, avgust 12, 2012

Koln - High heels high hopes

2 months of traveling
My dearest followers! Finally I'm at home! It was awesome month. Or I can say, two! I was traveling across Germany, Bosnia, Greece and Croatia with my love and now I'm at home. For now :D

I'll post you mixed outfits - from all those countries I visited!

So here is my afternoon, chillin' in the park in Koln :)
Love that oufit! (simple but still stylish!)

xx, Katja

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  1. August Carerras14. avgust 2012 14:24

    koeln,duesseldorf,solingen,frankfurt,sarajevo,palouki,cres :) it was amazing <3

    u r amazing :)))

  2. Pretty! This has been an extremely wonderful post. Thanks for providing these details.


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