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torek, junij 26, 2012

Missing Portugal and new trip to Germany!

Going to Germany this evening!
Today I'm flying to Germany with my boyfriend, we're going to visit Frankfurt first and then Koln and Dusseldorf :) He's german so, we're going to go to his family, just can't wait to meet them all!

I'm posting you some photos from Portugal,photos are two years old, but memories are stil fresh, I love that country and people! Photos were made in Porto :) 

ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAYS! I will be pretty busy those holidays, traveling all around the Europe, but I'll be making photos and outfit for you, so expect Viva la Vida on whole new level! :)


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  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and asked me whether we will follow, of course I would like, on Google Friend I follow your blog :)


  2. aww.. hope you have fun, germany is amazing!


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