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sreda, marec 16, 2016

Turban x Ivyrevel top

One of my latest looks! I definitely didn't want to "fit in" wearing all this haha!

I love mixing "trendy" with my turbans, which always remind me of my gorgeous countries I love : India + Middle East countries (including UAE)

 (even if some people only think about war and refuges when we mention them, nonsense!) 

I am wearing my Ivy Revel top - so simple, but I love it so much!

I have some busy busy weeks in front of me. On my working & Zumba territory and BLOGGING! We will have so many events in the next weeks and one trip! I really can't wait to spend some time with my babes again.

Not to mention that I'm already studying for my May/June exams. So back on track, definitely! 

I really like how this looks turned out. I wasn't planning to include the turban into this look - but it would be too boring without it.



Wearing :

TOP - Ivyrevel
SHOES - Deichmann
COAT - New Yorker
TROUSERS - modnidodatki.si
CARDIGAN - Unknown

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