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torek, februar 09, 2016

Outfit: faux fur with stripes

Today I am posting another look! This one is really basic! Latey I am all about my favourite pieces!

My favourite dress, I bought in H&M not so long ago, so stylish and so comfy, I really enjoy wearing dresses all the time! You can rarely see me in jeans! 

I think this is a perfect everyday outfit, I know that faux fur and stripes are quite statement pieces, but I like it that way. I don't wanna "fit in". 

I decided that I will try to write all my beauty posts also in english, I know that my grammar is not the best (I speak better, than write) but it is time to learn something new and to get out of my "comfort" zone. 

I hate when people are just making fun of another people who don't speak or write "perfect" English or another language, it is a BIG privilege that people at least try and that they wanna learn and all. I speak 5 languages, so it is a big deal to speak all of them perfectly, I'm trying my best, especially with my German lately. But thanks to my boyfriends German part of the family, German is closer and closer to me. Danke! And keep that in mind, that ALL of us, have their own "thing" they do the best. One have languages, other dance,... whatever, everybody is trying their best! :) 

Love you all & #staydifferent #staytrue and don't go with the flow, make your own flow! <3


Faux fur : New Yorker
Hat :  Unknown
Dress : H&M
Shoes : H&M
Lipstick : Mac - New York Apple

9 komentarjev:

  1. Lepa oblekca (oz.celoten outfit), bom šla pogledat, če jo majo še, ravno rabim nekaj takega :))

    1. Hvala ti :)

      The best je, udobna, casual in se modna!

  2. Joooj vsi tvoji outfiti so tak lepi <3 Lepa! xx

  3. Beautiful, great post.

    Check out my recent post : http://spendlessusemore.blogspot.co.uk/

  4. so cute look : ]

    i invite to me too


  5. :D Zadnja poza je pa tipična "uhhh, kaj imam na čevljih?" :D :D :D
    Drugače kjut, kot vedno ;). Očala in kapa so pa so you!

  6. Kaj bi dala za tvojo postavo, aaaaa :D

    Drugače pa, tvoji angleščini nič ne manjka. Kaj bi dala js, da bi imela vsaj malo žilice za tuje jezike. Bi z veseljem pisala objave v angleščini, ampak ne gre. Hah.

    In 5 jezikov? Wauuu in res vse pohvale za to <3 Enkrat, če se ti bo dalo/te veselilo oziroma nekaj v tem smislu ... Bi lahko napisala kratko objavo v vseh teh jezikih? Meni je to fascinantno za brati, čeprav razumem samo angleško, ampak mi je zanimivo se truditi z ostalimi :D


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