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četrtek, december 31, 2015

TOP instagram moments of 2015

My forever favourite jacket, I was wearing it soon many times this year! Too much!!!

With gorgeous and one of my fav bloggers Ajda. Can't wait to spend some time with you again... (soon...!)

Those lovely afternoons with my best friend Anaja, we went quite a few times to our nearest hill Golovec this year, love our hikes and chats <3

ZOEVA love <3 Nothing but love for these palettes.
The curls! My favourite hair style!

I remember this day. We had really amazing time with my girl Tanita, shopping, chat and ofcourse wine <3

Also one of the best memories this year. When my man was wearing the same print as me. THANK YOU for being you and for making me the happiest girl in the world. My man, my everything, my power.

Little bit lighter hair! And Pupa lipstick, it is amazing!

Trip to Belgrade! <3 Party weekend! One of the best memories this year, also!

Uh, big part of this year. My student work! (number 2) I spent probably few 1000 hours working this year. Don't really wanna count! Haha, but I was a good girl this year, kinda proud :) 

Spring oufits! Crazy prints I love you!

Ahhh. This dress totally stole my heart. Perfect fit! Zumba is good for me, haha. 

Our big euro trip was one of my favourite and happiest days this year! How can you be sad in Amsterdam?!

In Češka Republika I spent few lovely nights in this red house. It was amazing, fairytale came true. Thank you Telč, you have my heart forever <3

Summer nights in Ljubljana <3

Ski jumping legend - Noriaki Kasai (named my rabbit after him)!

One of my favourite looks created by my dear Denise :)

I am really looking forward to next year. I am curious what it will bring! This year teach me a lot, it was really special. I really "found" myself and I KNOW what I want from my life and what kind of people I wanna have beside me. I learn what's important and the most important lesson :

That "anything is possible". For real. Stay tuned for that! :)

Wish you all an amazing start of the new year, love you all and THANK you for supporting me.

Bloggie is celebrating 4th bday on Monday! <3


P.s. Don't forget to follow me on instagram @katjagrudnik, where I will present my 6th MAC lipstick I will get in few minutes from USA. Perfect timing!

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