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nedelja, december 06, 2015

Golden rose haul / Belgrade, Serbia

When I was in Belgrade (Serbia) I really didn't have any time for shopping (party was number one thing there!) but I still manage to check out their Lilly drogerie and buy some things!

I bought my dearest, "stay matte" powder by Rimmel I really, really love so much! They cost about 6 eur there, which is more than in Bosnia 3,5 eur and less than in Holland 10 eur. 

And... I could not leave those pretty little Golden Rose nail polishes there! They costed less than 1 eur. And I picked some of my favourite metallic colours!

I never use my nail polishes till the end (maybe Essie - fiji, okay) and base nail polishes, but normally... NO. 

So, I bought those pretty little things <3

What do you think about my colour choice? :)

They are not the best nail polishes in the world, but still they are quite good for this price!

I love them!

Do you own any of Golden Rose products? Tell me your experience! 

3 komentarji:

  1. imam nekoliko ovih lakova i odlicni su! :)

  2. Love the nude pink nail polish!


  3. Joooj sami lepotcii ! :) Ampak Tale nude pink je res najbolj cutie :) ❤️


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