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torek, november 24, 2015

Fall outfit : Red roses

So, time for another fall outfit! I was wearing this when we still had about 15-20 degrees in Slovenia!

Bought this amazing dress in H&M, loving it so much! The roses are completely "Frida Kahlo style" and I really think this dress is made for me! (haha!)

Lately, I feel so good (maybe I should not say it out loud, because then - something bad happens, almost always!) but I do! 

I am working really hard, in 10 days I had 8 Zumba classes (booty is growing in a good way haha!) and I started to study really hard too, I love one subject at UNI, studying law can be pretty fun too... Also saw so many great movies at LIFFE (Ljubljana film festival!), got so many inspiration for blog, positive thinking and just - life! 

I am so grateful that I can work, earn my own money, have a man that I love by my side, my dopest friends and GOING to Belgrade on friday! WOHOOO! This will be a party weekend! Maybe this will sound strange, but I really feel so lucky to have so many great people around me, supporting me (also some of my readers, thanks thanks thanks!) ...

My family is amazing, I love my jobs, I'm trying new crazy things at Zumba classes - and there is an amazing energy lately from my girls! I looove being your instructor! Can't wait to start teaching another group after New Year's, that will be busy sporty time!

Ahhh... Sometimes you just don't need any material things. Only good vibes around you!  What a cliche - but at the end of the day - it is completely true.

Keep on smiling, being grateful for everything that you have :) <3 

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17 komentarjev:

  1. Dear, you look gorgenous! :)
    Lovely dress!

  2. omg, this dress is so beautiful.. i'm in love! it's from h&m? have to take a look!!!!!! <3

  3. You have a beautiful face. And your Outfit is so cute for autumn!
    Kisses from germany, Sophie♥

  4. Res wonderful outfit! Obožujem tole oblekco :)) Kje so tisti dnevi ko je bilo tole še lahko obleči, zdej je pa tak mraz :(

  5. Ta outfit pa mi je verjetno najbolj všeč od vseh kaj sem jih vidla na tvojem blogu. Top! :)

  6. Čudovita <3. Nasmejana, pozitivna, I love it!!


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