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nedelja, oktober 25, 2015

Crazy mix again

I still owe you some "eurotrip" outfits, but I really wanted to post this one. Since I got a lot of questions about those glasses and so on... Let's start!

1. Glasses 

Those are my like 3rd glasses from Firmoo (click on store), I love them! I have prescription sunglasses from them and 2 "normal" haha glasses. The price is low, the quality is great. Thanks again for spoiling me!

2. Trousers

Bought them in Prague *store name is unknown* I simply love them. Maybe they are more for the summer, but I really wanted to make an interesting mix of different styles.

3. Lipstick Mac

The name of the lipstick is - PARTYLINE. Got it a year ago from San Diego! Dhyan thanks!

4. Bindi.

Two million questions about this one. (the bling bling on my forehead) I simply love this. It makes me feel good, different, it also has like 10 different meanings in India and I really like some of them.

And because mostly my makeups are quite strong, I think it is nice to have it next to my arabic/indian makeup style. 

Hope you like it, even if it is not for everybody!

P.s. I spent a lovely day yesterday in Bosnia, with my family. Thanks again to everyone for amazing food and for making me so happy! :') #familyiseverything


11 komentarjev:

  1. Dear, such a great outfit! I really like this autumn set! :)
    Kisses, xoxo.

  2. Love your jacket!


  3. A little bit I lovin your clothes mix. It is unique!

  4. This crazy look is perfect! Love your glasses. You look really fantastic <3


  5. Luškan outfit! ^_^ Pa hvala za link do Firmoo ... Sem tik pred nakupom novih očal. :D

  6. You are so pretty! *.* I love this look!

  7. Love this boho look on You! Eszter



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