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četrtek, september 10, 2015

Work outfit & happiness boutique

Hello everyone! First, seeending you a BIG hug from HOLLAND! I love it here, I can't believe I am falling in love with this country each time I come here more and more... Well, I will talk about those feelings later in my after-roadtrip-posts, haha!

About this look... 

This is my "casual" everyday work outfit, I work with makeup and cosmetics (as a student) and I need something comfortable and still stylish - but not too much! 

Wearing my casual blouse, you can never go wrong with white blouse & classic black maxi skirt or jeans. 

I also added some new BLING BLING from Happiness boutique (click!) which is a German online shop with jewelry!

I think this look is classy and proper for many different opportunities - but still as usual, I can't be without bling bling or any red lipstick or curls, gotta follow your own flow...

Wish you cosy night & prepare for whole bunch of outfit & beauty posts when I return from the trip! I bought some amazing goodies... Bye, bye hard working money!

Tomorrow traveling from Ede, Holland - Dusseldorf, Germany! 


8 komentarjev:

  1. Jako mi se dopada, iako ove cipelice ja ne bih mogla nositi na posao, ali na nekom opuštenom after work party-u.... ;) Za tvoju vrstu posla, super! Ja bih te angažirala :)

  2. Res tak eleganten ampak obenem sproščen look! :) Maš da uživaš! :)

    x, Katja

    1. Hvala ti :)

      Ja ce delas okoli 10-12 ur na dan je seveda potrebno tudi da je udoben :D

  3. Love your necklace! I have one too!


  4. I love your outfit. You look gorgeous. x


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