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torek, september 15, 2015

Eurotrip : Prague / Stripes and red skirt

I'm back!

Uhhh... I can not believe our big trip is over! It was aaaaaamaaaazing! We saw so many gorgeous views, cities and eat a lot haha, of course I had my camera with me to make outfit photos in those gorgeous cities, but... there are few things you need to know about the looks! (I wrote the same thing last year).

1. I had only 1 suitcase with me.

2. I improvised a lot. 

3. It's all about "how many different outfits you can make with the same clothes".

4. The weather was changing from 35*C to 11*C. (damn you, Hamburg haha)

5. I ran out of clothes the second week, haha.

6. Don't judge. Some combinations are far away from perfect, but... When you travel and you are all around cities all day long, you must be dressed comfortable, but if you are a fashion blogger you try to be also stylish, haha. Sometimes it is hard to be both!

So in next few days/weeks haha, you will see almost all my looks on my big eurotrip! And I also did a BIG shopping. So, expect reviews soon! Like I don't have 4 full bags of "things to review" already at home... #hardlifeofablogger

I will mix locations, so it will be more fun! (because in Hamburg, I was wearing hat the whole time because is it SUCH A WINDY CITY!).

Look from Prague

Like you see I was just doing my first "shopping" in The body shop, haha! (look at that happy face).

Wearing : Basic top, simple red but really comfy skirt and I added the shirt because it makes everything more interesting.

It was so damn hot in Prague! And so many tourists, so I maybe recommend it better in November or Decemeber, because the "spirit" of the city is better. I visited it two times in November and I think it is better time to visit it. Not so many tourists and you can drink mulled wine and so...

But anyway, I had an amazing time there, I love the buildings in Prague. I could watch the houses there for a whole day. And I did.

Home again

It feels good to be back home again. But at the same time, I am so busy! My blog sponsors got crazy with packages and I'm preparing my new Zumba songs, working, organising my life for a beginning of the new "school year"... Anyway, stay tuned for more! :)

Kisses from Ljubljana, (finally haha)


19 komentarjev:

  1. Čisto razumljivo, cunj itak hitro zmanjka :)
    O jaz pa ravno planiram da bom šla v Prago za novoletne počitnice. Torej bo takrat boljše? :) Imam neke kolege tam in so rekli da je Praga od tistem času res najlepša :)

    x, Katja

    1. Res je, sploh če se vreme res ful spremeni, haha :)

      Ja, mislim da bo super. Samo se FUL obleci, ker znajo imeti res res res mraz :)

    2. O ja, imam namen! :) Samo debeli puloverji! :D

  2. Meni je vedno zanimivo gledat slike istih kosov oblačil drugače skombinirano, za potovanja to potem pride še kako prav :)

  3. Zelo fleten pa lep outfit, krilo je nekaj cisto posebnega :)


  4. o bejba kolk si lepa :))) moj angelcek:)))

  5. Wauuuu, super outfit!
    Pa ne morem mimo tvoje bozanske sminke. Kok kul :D

  6. Wow..stripes and red is the perfect combo!

    Check out my new post Here!!!

  7. i love Prague! hope you had an amazing time ! xx


  8. Amazing look!


  9. Dobrodošla nazaj. Res bo še toliko bolj zanimivo, kaj si počela z istimi kosi oblačil :D Začetek je vsekakor dober (: Me zanima naprej :P

  10. Oooh, noro mi je všeč to rdeče krilo. TOP!


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