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sobota, avgust 01, 2015

Zoeva Smoky palette swatch & review

I am so late with some posts! So sorry, but lately my life is so busy! 

When I'm at home I'm working all days and the rest of the days I'll over Slovenia/Europe.

So, I'm back from Koper! I was there with three amazing bloggers :

Ajda (click) & Aleksandra (click!) & Kristina (click!). We had an amazing time, mostly talking about cosmetics, blogs & our life and enjoying good seaside food and vibe!

So back to palette! 

Zoeva is one of my favourite brands when it comes to eye shadows! I really like them soon much! I already wrote a posts about two palettes here 

This one is more smoky! It has gorgeous shades of grey, green, black and dark rose. Let the photos speak...

Which one is your favourite? :)


7 komentarjev:

  1. sjenila su im fantasticna! :) moje najdraze su smoky i rose golden <3

  2. I have tried their nail vanishes not their other makeup, this eye shadow palette looks amazing

  3. Joj kako dolgo so njihove palete že na moji WL :(

    Pa tok fajn pigmentirane, wau wau in wau!!

    Drugače pa lep mejkap :)

  4. this palette looks really good ! nice colours !


  5. Odlicna paleta, tako dobar set boja :)

  6. Kakšna nora pigmentacija :D :D ful si dobra s kodrčki.
    Morda bi mela kakšno paletko, ampak sej veš "NE" dovolj imaš.

  7. This palette looks great!

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