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nedelja, januar 04, 2015

Happy bday Viva la vida blog!

Happy b-day to my dear blog!

I can't believe it's been 3 years since I started to blog! Now I almost can't imagine myself without it!

I really can't thank you enough for all your support (and I truly mean it!), if there wasn't for your comments and supportive messages I would probably stop it. But because you give me power and new ideas every single day - I'm continuing to write my thoughts, ideas, makeups and outfits. 

I never imagined my blog will have so many views and that I will have constant readers which truly like to read my posts and people that will like my style. It truly is magical thing!

And not to mention so many great companies I worked with in the last 2 years, it's really amazing that people see your work and want to reward you for that.

So... the main reason for writing all this is to thank you and my lovely friends & family and specially to my love, because he keeps on supporting me and keeps saying that the most important thing is that you do what you love. And if you really love it, you will do it. No matter what. 

And I really enjoy at blogging. So... We will see what the year 2015 with bring for me and my little piece of the universe called - internet.

Love & happiness,

from Viva la vida blog


P.s. Some statistics

3 years of blogging

GFC followers : 617

Facebook likes : 2.073

Views : 301.000 (till this moment)

As you can see there is a big progress every year :)

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Thank you all for your comments, I read them all and I always try to visit your blogs if u have them.

They really mean a lot to me,


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