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sobota, januar 04, 2014

2 years of Viva la Vida!

I really can't believe it! It's been 2 years since I wrote my first post on Viva la vida blog. It took me almost a year to decide about blog's name and to finally gain courage to start writing.

I knew there will be critics and people who will not like my outfits and thoughts. But this is the whole magic of blogging. Posting whatever you like, sharing your ideas and fashion with the world. And the only key which can lead to success is - to be yourself.

I'm glad that you readers accepted me for who I am, even if you don't know more than half things about me. Some of the things, like energy that I have - you can only feel when you meet me for real. I hope someday I will meet most of my readers and be able to thank them for support, lovely comments and critics that are making Viva la Vida better. 

Again, Happy b-day Viva la vida!

P.s. Statistics of blog is here, click for more.

Thank you so much, you have no idea how much all your support means to me. (and all the time I spend for blogging, ideas, photos, editing, writing... it all pays off with your love)


Year of 2012

145 followers here on blog
416 on Facebook

36.919 views in one year

Year of 2013

385 followers here on blog
712 on Facebook

149.265 (till right now) view in 2 years

For me, this is a big success! :)

20 komentarjev:

  1. awwww happy birthday viva la vida!!! :D super blog, eden tistih, ki jih najraje berem. :))

  2. Congrats hun! That's really great I can tell you really love blogging!

    Much love xxx

  3. vse najbolše! ;DDD še naprej uživaj v bloganju in nas razveseljuj z objavami. :P

  4. Happy happy B-day! Vse čestitke :) Veliko uspehov in kreativnosti še naprej! :D

  5. čestitke!! samo nastavi ovako dobro xx

  6. Wooow great numbers girl!! Congratulations for these 2 years and I wish you more years with success to come!! As blogger and reader I will still support you :)

    Anna from Anna's Mirror

  7. Parabéns!! Sucesso com o blog!

  8. Wow, čestitke! Redno te spremljam, vsak post mi je zeeelo všeč. Kar tako naprej! :)<3

  9. Vauuuu 2 leti.....bravo in še 100 let želim:)hihi a te bo še zanimala moda?

  10. Congratulations for reaching 2 years of blogging! My blog reached 2 years recently too :)

    Away From The Blue

  11. Congratulations to you! And keep it going!

  12. čestitam :) Ni težko začeti pisati, težko je vztrajati :) Upam, da bo še veliko tvojih objav:) pa nič ne rabiš preveč spreminjat :)

  13. Woww, tudi z moje strani čestitke.. Vsekakor zelo lepa statistika!! <3

  14. Congratz & tako pridno še naprej :)


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