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sobota, oktober 25, 2014

Blue jacket

I really wanted to show you this jacket I've been wearing now almost every day. I can't believe I didn't manage to show you this one earlier - and all my previous outfits were without this jacket.

So, the story goes back to Frankfurt haha, more than obviously Frankfurt is my "it" city when it comes to shopping! Zeil Strasse is my favourite shopping street, everything is there, everything! <3

I bought this one in Bershka, but first I was like "I need a black jacket. I have grey one, brown one, I want black jacket."

And like always I found a totally different colour and blue was my pick that day. I'm still in search of perfect black leather jacket. But I really like this one because it can make a boring outfit looking a little more colourful!

Casual outfit, for casual day!

P.s. Two days ago I had the most fun with my man, we went to the cinema (again) to watch Todo sobre mi madre, by director Pedro Almodovar. I knew a lot of things about him, but I never watch any movies. But now I can see why he is the greatest spanish director, his movie was really something different. And of course, spanish language makes everything so much better <3

Tomorrow Vienna, John Legend concert! I'm so excited, my man really treats me the best. (so thankful for him!)


21 komentarjev:

  1. Ma zelo lep outfit, jopic mi je super vsec :)


  2. Awesome look! The blue jacket adds the perfect pop of color!

    Kisses, Kali
    | Kali's inspiration board |

  3. lepa jakna in večkrat bi se morala smejati! :)

  4. Katja, nov izgled bloga je res top. Zdi se mi, kot da si še bloganje bolj resno vzela! To je res super!

    1. Najlepša hvala Evelina :)

      Se je treba malo izpopolnjevati :)

  5. krase outfit. jaknica je pa top. te usnjene kratke jakne so najboljše. :3

  6. Seveda je dobro imeti črno,sivo ali rjavo jakno ker gre z vsem, ampak obožujem jakne ki popestrijo cel outfit. Drugače pa čudovito zgledaš:)

  7. I love your blue jacket ;)

  8. Nice blue jacket imam isto ;) Moje fotke z njo še čakajo na objavo na blogu. Drugače pa vse pohvale super si :)


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