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petek, september 12, 2014

Gypsy king

Ahhh... I think that the beauty of fashion blog is - that you post the things that you are really wearing. Not just get dressed up for shooting. 

So, another casual day another casual look. I called it "gyspy" look. The inspiration are Gypsy kings. I looooove gyspy-spanish-flamenco music! 

I have two ways of dressing. Totally casual baggy arabic-gyspy style or over-elegant heels and skirts. 

So, in this outfit I could dance belly dance. Did I mentioned I also dance belly dance? :)

P.s. I sooo excited about spending weekend in Portorož (seaside in Slovenia) - I'm attending another Film festival with my love, this will be my third time there - I really like it, late nights with wine - good movies and good seaside food!


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