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sreda, september 17, 2014

Firmoo glasses

So, this is one of the coolest collaborations ever! Since I discovered in March that my eyes are not quite perfect and I got my first glasses then - I was so happy when Firmoo online optical store  asked me for collaborating.

They send me those glasses so quickly and I just can't take them off since then!

They are american online store, which offers great glasses for very affordable price! You can check it out. I send them my numbers and measures - and here they are my new glasses!

Everything works, they are really good quality glasses and I'm sure that I will check their website again when I will be buying my new glasses.


P.s. I'm working on my new Zumba choreographys these days, now when I had my summer Zumba pause I see how much I missed dancing! I can't wait to share this new wonderful songs with my lovely dancers - I think I picked really good ones, here are some of them! I simply love the rhythm and lyrics <3

Bailando - Enrique Iglesias y Gente de ZonaNo tengo dinero - MaffioMenea la Pera - merengue... My dancers, stay tuned for more in one week on our class! <3

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