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nedelja, julij 13, 2014

TAG : 12 things about me

1. I love speaking in spanish language. I take any chance there is to speak that beautiful language, me gusta tanto que no puedo explicar!

Sevilla, 2010 and arabic spanish friend :D

2. I love eating bosnian food. I'm really lucky that my grandma is from Bosnia, so she is my main cook for baklava, burek and other awesome bosnian stuff.

3. I love history. I love reading history books and watching history channel, I'm quite a geek for all the battles and wars. 

4. I'm dancer. I was dancing jazz ballet, step dance, belly dance and now I'm Zumba instructor.

5. When I was 7 I started to play a violin. I also played in Orchestra - I loved it, it was amazing to play with aprox. 30 other violins and cellos!

6. My friends say : that I talk too much, have too much energy and some of them can't stand that I looove talking to tourists from latin countries :'D

7. My favourite cities are : Dubai, Frankfurt, Sevilla and Ljubljana.

8. I love balkan, latin, arabic, indian and gipsy music. I really like the energy and rhythm of that music. I can't listen that music and NOT dance. Impossible, ops!

9. I speak slovenian, bosnian, english, spanish and german. I understand a little portuguese, french and macedonian. I would love to learn ... Arabic, Macedonian, Portugeese, Hindi... Too many wishes, too little time.

10. Since I had my first tattoo, I knew it won't stay this way. Right now, I'm a proud owner of 3 tattoos <3

11. I love rabbits. Those little animals are always by my side, I got my first one when I was 5 and now my fifth rabbit is with me for almost 8 years <3

12. I love mountains. Skiing or hiking, I love it <3 (not to mention my latest obsession - ski jumping)

Dolomiti 2011 
Under Triglav (2011)

Now you know some things about me, you didn't know before. I'm not just a student and blogger but also lover of soooo many things.
Which one is the biggest surprise? :)


P.s. I'm for Germany today! That's not a big surprise but still, I really think they have a good chance to win! :)

5 komentarjev:

  1. Great post :) Love that skirt ♥


  2. divno:) puno zanimljiv stvari, a nekako me ništa nije iznenadilo jer se i činiš kao netko sa puno interesa.

  3. Super objava :)
    Jaz tudi rada plešem, a sem čisto brez ritma :P
    Španščina je pa zelo lep jezik se že dolgo spravljam da bi se ga naučila :)

  4. Super kul facts :)
    Jza bi se tud rada naucila spanscine, sploh ko je Argentina sedaj tko dalc prisla :)



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