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četrtek, julij 10, 2014

Kiko haul

I'm back! I was at the seaside few days, leaving the world, internet and worries - behind me. It felt really good to be away from everything! But now - back to blogging!

I owe you this post - what I bought in Kiko last week. I really love Kiko cosmetics - but every time I step into the shop I really don't know where to start! Too much nail polishes for good price, too much everything!

So, here are my picks this time. 

I really like the lipstick and I think it will (soon) become one of my favourite lipsticks. I chose nude lip gloss - because lately I really don't have any nude lipstick or lip glosses - so I needed this. (no, you didn't - my wallet speaking)


7 komentarjev:

  1. Hello from Spain: Great product proposals. Keep in touch

  2. Lakci izgledajo super, sploh moder. Vidim da moram sprobat kiko :)

    Nika's Beauty Land

  3. Nice post, I hope you had a great time! Lovely haul, I always have the same as you when I walk into a KIKO store! I don't know where to start, all the good prices are a bit overwhelming haha!

    My Makeup Mémoire

    1. Yes, it truly is crazy when you step into the shop :D *happinessssss everywhere*

  4. odlične pridobitve. :D turkizen lak je top. :3

  5. Super nakup. Morem tudi jst preizkusit to kiko kozmetiko ☺☺


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