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četrtek, november 08, 2012

About love.

About love. 
I never, even in my dream, thought that I will found someone like him. We are all always dreaming and hoping for the best and that never shows. I am really the happiest women in the world to have him. He is truly the person I trust the most, the person who will stand up for me no matter what and who will love me no matter what happens. 

I am more than glad and thankful for having him. I hope that you will all meet your soulmate one day, because I already did :)

You can call me crazy, but I know I am waking up happy every day next to my love. And that's all that counds. Real happiness. 

No words can describe my love for you, August. :)

4 komentarji:

  1. ooo lušno :)
    sem že omenila da imaš zelo lepe lase? ;)

  2. hey ya :-) you did well, you even pronounce a compliment, because of your blog :-) your pictures and your style I find really great and I like the design very well :-)
    I would appreciate if you would stop by once with me and maybe you're even pursue for mutual, then leave it behind me your link in a comment and I'll follow you too :-)


    xoxo Janica


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