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sobota, julij 07, 2012

Shopping in Germany

I'm back!
Hello people! This morning I got back from Germany, and it was greeeeat! I just love the people and architecture and shops and really everything! But I'm traveling tomorrow morning in Sarajevo (Bosnia!) so you're gonna have to wait for few days to hear more from me and check out my new outfits! :)

Hope you're all having a great summer!

I'm posting you my new goods from Germany, yep that was quite a shopping there, just loved it! <3

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  1. svasta si ti tamo kupila :) al su mi oci nekako ostale na tom cd salsa muzike :) fanatik sam

    1. da, bio je šoping godine, haha :D i jaaa :) !

  2. Very good shopping! i love it your bag.




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