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četrtek, marec 22, 2012

Love, liebe, amor

What can I say? ... Never been happier than right now with my soulmate :)

Friend's Nik birthday party ! :)

In Venezia :) 

In Berlin, November 2011

My love posing on sunshine :D <3

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  1. Sandra__angelicA22. marec 2012 20:05

    This guy is so hot!!! You have an amazing boyfriend!:) lucky you

    1. thanks :)

      yeah, but he's not just hot :D he's just amazing person :)

  2. Sandra_angelicA22. marec 2012 20:28

    Oh thank you :$ i love you too :D

  3. Hi katja thank you for your comment on my blog, I love your blog somewhere else, your outfits just gorgeous you great taste in fashion blog I just suivreton you could follow my blog.
    stay in touch.


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