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sobota, januar 21, 2012


Hi, it's so sunny outside, perfect day for running :) I'm zumba trainer,but I like jogging a lot, but I do it only sometimes,... But today it seems like perfect day to do it! :)

I can't go running without looking a little classy... So yeah, I know. Terrible, running with make up and everything, but I can't help myself. That's me :)

My iPod :) MUST HAVE - when I run

Nike all the way ...

Nike :)

I wish you all a sunny day! :)

Katja xx

3 komentarji:

  1. Makes me want to go for a run!
    I love your blog,
    It is so inspiring and gave me so many
    new ideas for my own blog.
    I hope you can come by and check
    it out? Maybe even follow since I follow you now :)



  2. You look so pretty for running haha ;)
    Too cute!

    Stop by sometime, Natalie xo

  3. @Thanks Kendra ! :) That's my purpose, that I inspire people :)

    @Natalie,... Like I wrote, that's me :D

    thanks girls :) <3


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