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sreda, oktober 05, 2016

Makeup haul from USA and CANADA 2016

Okay, now finally the post you've been waiting for a long time. MY HAUL! <3

I've decided that I will try to buy ONLY the things we don't have in Slovenia... I did quite well, must say.

Well, I will not write too much, the pictures are speaking for themselves...

Please let me know, if you wanna se swatches or review for specific products!

Love & fresh pizza


Victoria's secret body mists, I decided to try those - you get 3 for 2 and the price was OK, so I stock up for all my life, haha. 

Where to buy it? Victoria's secret, some drugstores too.

Rimmel foundations - I really wanted to try those and since the prices were lower here, I got 2 of them! We will see which one is the best. 

Where to buy it? Almost every drugstore in US and Canada.

L.A. girl nail polishes - just two of them to try them out, love the shades and glitters!

Wet'n'wild - so cheep, I think I only spend about 3 dollars on this one, looks so glittery, I will try to use it as a highlighter, and you can use it as an eyeshadow too, looks so beautiful!

Where to buy it? London drugs, Shoppers... (Canada)

Nyx lippies - They have NYX in every drugstore, but I still thought it will be cheeper, but okay. Matte lippies are totally worth the hype!

I made swatches already on my instagram! (@katjagrudnik)

Where to buy it? Almost every drugstore in US and Canada.

... can be just appreciate Milani blushes for a minute?

Milani - I went crazy when I (finally) found those in Walgreens in Seattle. Milani is really hard to find there and they unfortunately don't sell metallic lippies, so I will probably buy them in Slovenian online store... 

Where to buy it? Wallgreens (only the big ones). 

- blush (rose d'oro, luminoso)
- eye shadows : bella bronze, bella gold
- bronzer : soleil

How pretty are they?! <3

I decided for two lipstick also! The price is only about 6-7 dollars, so I decided for : velvet merlot and teddy bare!

Urban Decay - In Sephora you can find 100 shades (not kidding) of urban decay hippies. So I decided for this glittery mettallic one in the shade "cruel".

We will see how the one is gonna be, I hope long-lasting and super shiny!

Where to buy it : Only Sephora

MAC - I am a big fan of Mac matte lippies, other products are not convincing me so much, but I love their lippies!

So I decided for red shade which I know I will wear a lot : russian red.

Where to buy? Mac stores and fancy shops like Nordstorm.

Sally Hansen - I saw this "pacific blue" shade on blogs so many times, that I gotta buy it. And it was only 2 dollars, can you imagine?

But because I was limited with kilograms I decided that I will only try one, I had exactly 23 kg in the suitcase, what a luck! <3

Where to buy it? Drugstores, almost all of them have it.

Sephora lip balm & Cover girl "oh sugar", I am addicted to lip balm yep. And it whey have a little colours, I'm good to go! <3

Where to buy it? Sephora only in Sephora, Cover girl in every drugstore.

L.A. Girl GLAZED - I found them in a "Beauty direct" shop a little bit outside Seattle in a shopping area.

They are kinda dope for Melted (Too faced) and I decided to try them! They are really pigmented! 

Body butter from Rocky mountain - I really didn't want to buy any of the body products because I don't have space for that, haha. 

But I found the cutest shop of this nature canadian cosmetics and decided that I will try this body butter, which smells like cherries <3

It is such an interesting products, looks like deodorant but it is not! So practic!

Well, well...

E.L.F. - is one of the cheapest cosmetics! But it does not mean that is not good! I decided for bronzer and I also got few things from my cousin (forgot to take photo of the HUGE palette, which I am so excited to try!).

Where to buy it? Every drugstore.

Eos lip balm - EOS is so cheep in Canada, and a little bit expensive in USA. I definitely recommend to buy this when you are in Canada, it is only 2,5 euros. 

In Slovenia they are abour 5-6 euros!

Now I have all the flavours! :D

L'oreal illuminator - I am so obsessed with this one! Such a lovely shade and shimmer, I use it as a light highlighter! <3

Lip smacker - I know I have too much lip balms, but I really use them all, believe it or not.

So these babies were on sale... 

Carmex vanilla - It was only about 1 dollar so I gotta take it, because I love Carmex lip balms, especially when I get sick, they are perfect for my dry lips. 

I also got some interesting colours (like the gold one) in Beauty Direkt in Seattle. 

Where to buy it? Beauty direct, shop with cheeper makeup. 

Kylie lip kit - Dolce K

Thanks to my fijian princess, my cousin's gorgeous wife for this gift when I arrived to Canada!

I love the shade, but it makes my lips quite dry, but still I know I will wear it a lot.

Burt's bees - I really wanted to try those and since the price is better in US than in Europe I got them there for a good deal. 

We will see how they will do!

Where to buy? Almost every drugstore.

Nars - Orgasm, I really wanted to try this one! And I tried it in every single Sephora, haha. Then I decided to take it, because the shade is soooo nice for everyday, I adore it. 

But I was thinking about Super orgasm also, because it is a little bit more shiny, but this one is more suitable for everyday. YAY! <3

Where to buy it? Sephora only.

*V Sloveniji ga lahko kupite na Salmi - Nars, kjer so cene zelo dostopne, nekatera rdečila stanejo 18 eur nekatera pa 25 eur. 

Bobbi Brown highlighter / shimmer brick 

Bricks are like 15 euros cheeper in US! So I decided to get one. BUT, WHICH ONE?! They are all so pretty.

I was sure that I will take the one that is more like a blush, but they the Bobbi Brown girl showed me this LIMITED edition. I gotta take this one, because it is so super shiny, oh I can't wait to use it.

Tarte palette / Swamp queen

I really wanted to get the Tarte classic palettes, but they are all sold out. DON'T YOU THINK THAT IN SEPHORA THEY HAVE EVERYTHING YOU WANT! HAHA, I was almost crying because I fell in love with some products that were sold out.

But I really wanted to get one from Tarte and then decided for this one.

It has :

- bronzer
- blush
- highlighter
- eyeshadows

So I thought it was a good deal, it was not cheep... but hey, you are not in US everyday.

I will make a post about it and some swatches! <3

Just wanna add that this palette is completely in different colours in real life, I will show it to you through instagram and insta story :)


What do you think? Wanna se some swatches?


19 komentarjev:

  1. Wow same super stvari! :) Res izjemni izdelki,swatchi so res zaželjeni! :) Tudi sama si že nekaj časa želim Narsov Orgasm in upam,da bo zdaj končno prišel na vrsto! :))

    1. Hvala ti, se bom potrudila po najboljših močeh! <3

      Ja, meni je ful všeč. Sem se 2 tedna mazala z njem in ga swatchala in se spraševala, če je vreden... in je res poseben odtenek :)

      Ful je lep in uporaben!

  2. To je tak orng nakup, tak pošten:). Kaj naj rečem, izbrala si same dobre stvari, in upam, da boš uživala v njihovi uporabi. P.s jaz komaj čakam, da grem moj brat ta mesec v Francijo, malo na relax in če v enem tednu ne bo našu ene Sephore, da prinese saj delček mojega seznama, potem pa tudi ne vem no:) :):):)

    1. Je ane? Si ga vedno privoščim na potovanjih.

      Jaaaaa, haha nujno naroči! <3

  3. Wuhu šopiiiing !
    BB osvetljevalec zmaga :3 In pa Tarte paletka je zelo lepa !
    Si pa nora na balzame hehe :D

    Beauty of a Lemon

  4. Oooo... top nakup! ;) Vse zgleda ful lepo, ampak Bobbi Brown highlighter je pa prava paša za očke. :)

    1. Je kajne? Bil je celo 15 eur cenejši kot pri nas, tako da... se je "splačal" :D

  5. 😍❤️
    doma je ze mal gużva ker je tolk kozmetike v hisi:)))

  6. Lepe stvari si si privoscila!
    Komaj cakam objave :)

    Ah pa kaj ce ti Kylie lip kit izsusi ustnice, saj si nabavila 7373882+2 balzamov :P

  7. Vauuu <3 Sicer ne bi nikoli izbrala istih odtenkov Maca in UD, ampak ostalo je super. Jaz sem od UD vzela Backtalk, so predictable mauve :D

  8. Super izbire. :) Milani in NYX izdelki so mi zelo všeč. Jaz bi v Ameriki zagotovo nakupila veliko E.l.f. izdelkov. Pri njih so res poceni. Burt's Bees so eni mojih najljubših balzamov za ustnice. Sploh Mango mi je odličen :).

  9. Same super izdelke si kupila :) Ti prav zavidam ;) Tarte paletka pa ja TOP !!!

  10. Joooj kakšna zbirka <3 Same super izdelke si kupila, komaj čakan na ocene prav vseh <3 xx

  11. Top :)Tudi jaz moram probat Nars Orgasm že celo leto poslušam o njem. Tarte paleta je pa itak TOP


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